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#LoveBytes: They met in Ghana, but he only proposed when he was abroad

#LoveBytes is a unique series that delves deep into the intricate web of love between individuals. We share the profound and beautiful narratives of love that span across diverse backgrounds and experiences.


On this week’s edition of LoveBytes, Comfort* shares her love story with Daniel* telling us how an intentional accident led to her finding love…only for him to move outside Ghana. Whew, long distance!

How did you meet Daniel?

I met Daniel on my way to buy gob3.

Unfortunately the gob3 seller didn’t come. I was too shy to turn back for people to realize that I was going to buy gob3 so I decided to take a different route. Few steps away from where they sold the beans, I narrowly escaped a near accident with his car, and it seemed deliberate on his part.

He used the opportunity to start up a conversation with me and ask for my contact.

What happened after he took your contact?

We started talking to get to know each other more. In the evening of that day, he came to my house to look for me because I earlier showed him where I stay.

The next morning too he came around. We talked about our families and stuff a guy would love to know about a lady he wants to get into a relationship with.

At what point did you realize he wanted a relationship with you?

Well, he told me he wanted to be my friend so I didn’t really focus on the relationship aspect until he proposed although I was already drawn to his personality and vibe.

And you just liked his vibe or something happened?

He was fun to be with and he is jovial. He knows how to keep up a conversation and he comes off as real. Some guys will pretend to be who they are not just to please you but Danny was himself from the very day I met him.

Mmmm, so when did he officially propose?

So we stopped communicating for a while and I was always trying to reach him but he wasn’t responding to any of them. I forgot all about him. One day, he texted me back with a different number and I asked him why I didn’t hear from him for a while and he confessed that he hadn’t been in touch because he didn’t quite connect with my vibe.

In our previous conversations, I told him I didn’t want to have any relationship with a soldier – not knowing he was and he kept it away from me. So my saying I didn’t like soldiers put him off because he knew I wouldn’t have liked him if he had showed interest.

So the day he texted me with the different number, he had already left the country. Fast forward, I posted a particular meme on my status and he asked me if he stood a chance of being my boyfriend.

I told him I had no idea even though I was already into him but I wanted to play a hard girl game. Close to a month after numerous conversations, he proposed.

How did you feel about the online proposal? That’s a very GenZ thing, no?.

You see, I felt like if I had given him a green light he would have done it earlier. But I didn’t show any signs until he left .

I don’t think I can wait for him to spend several years outside before he comes down to propose. So I had no problem with him proposing online.

How many months/days has it been since he left?

5 months

How do you both bond then?

We talk every day. There is no single day he wouldn’t call me to check up. In a relationship, distance is never a barrier if the communication is keen.

Did he introduce you to any of his friends/colleagues or even families when he was in the country?


And doesn’t that make you uncomfortable?

I don’t feel uncomfortable because we didn’t have a thing when he was in the country. Hopefully next month, he will be here. From there, if I don’t see any introduction then I can start questioning him.

Generally, how has the relationship been for you? Any future plans?

I am really happy with how things are going. Although there are misunderstandings in relationships, we find a way to solve ours amicably.

I’ve heard people complain about their relationship falling apart when their partners travel outside due to communication difficulties but I appreciate the effort he puts into this relationship.

He has plans of meeting my family when he comes. So in all I’m very happy.

Out of 10, what would you rate him?

8.5. Lol, you can’t trust a man.

* – names may have been changed for privacy

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