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Meet Nekesha Laryea, the Ghanaian author who fell in love and married a man in prison


Author Nekesha Laryea has shared a deeply personal chapter of her life, revealing that she entered into a marriage while her partner was incarcerated.

In an interview with Blakk Rasta on 3FM, Laryea opened up about her unique experience and the circumstances that led to her unconventional marriage

“I married him while he was in jail. We got married in a chapel; in the visiting room after a visit,” she shared.
Her marriage, according to Laryea, was never consummated, and she confessed that her motivation for entering into this marriage was primarily for the sake of a name.

She had gone through difficulties with her daughter’s father, which led to her relocating. The decision to marry again was, in part, influenced by these circumstances.

She also pointed out that she didn’t know the kind of person her ex-husband was until they got married.

“I didn’t know him before. While we were talking, I didn’t know he was in there until later on. It was a rebound marriage. I went through a lot with my daughter’s father so after the divorce, I had relocated. We never had sex. My marriage was never consummated. It was just for the name,” she mentioned.

Apparently, the man in question had raped two ladies and nearly did the same to another but she happened to have escaped. She only gained knowledge of all these after they had become man and wife.

“He is still in jail. He has been there since he was 18. Never knew all these until after he told me that he was supposed to come out on parole though he was denied,” she told her host.

She continued, “After the denial, I had questions I wasn’t getting answers to so I did my own research which I should have done before but I did after we were already married. I had an officer back in Connecticut where I sent his GDC number and had the officer do the research and the message that I got was not good. He actually raped two people; he was 18 and raped two young ladies and was on the verge of becoming a serial rapist because there was a third but she escaped. He is a black American.”

In light of these revelations, the marriage took a different turn. Recognizing the gravity of the situation and the disturbing nature of her husband’s actions, both Laryea and her husband agreed to divorce.

She was resolute in her decision to end the marriage, and this mutual understanding led to their separation.

“We both agreed to divorce each other which I pushed more. He is not going for parole until 2038,” she said.

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By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.tv|Ghana

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