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DJ Faculty shares 5 things he can’t step out without

DJ Faculty shares 5 things he can’t step out without

Award-winning Ghanaian Disc Jockey, Linus Evans Osei, popularly known as DJ Faculty has shared certain necessities he can’t leave home without.

The popular disc jockey who is the resident DJ at Media General has indicated that there are certain things he always has to have on him.

Sharing the information on 3FM social media page, the official DJ of 3FM Drive hosted by Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong said he was a practical man and hence picked the necessities for his daily routines.

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Aside from the 3FM show, he also spices up Daterush with amazing sounds. In 2021, he won the DJ of the Year at the Ghana Youth Awards.

Though he had a tough childhood, he has risen through the ranks and in recent times, is considered a great asset in the entertainment space.

Sharing what he needed to have on him before stepping out, this is what the talented DJ had to say.

  1. My Watch: Time is of the essence in  DJ Faculty’s line of work. Whether he’s timing his music transitions or keeping track of his busy schedule, his watch is a constant companion, ensuring he stays on top of every beat.
  2. My Phone: In the digital age, a phone is an indispensable tool for staying connected with fans, colleagues, and the world at large. DJ Faculty’s phone keeps him in touch with his audience and enables him to share his electrifying performances with a global audience.
  3. At least, a Gh¢100 Note: Financial readiness is key, and DJ Faculty ensures he always has some cash on hand. Having at least a Gh¢100 note gives him peace of mind, knowing he can handle any unexpected expenses or seize spontaneous opportunities that may arise.
  4. My Eyes (Referring to His Glasses): As an entertainer, clear vision is crucial to reading the crowd and creating the perfect musical atmosphere. DJ Faculty’s glasses are not only a fashion statement but also a practical necessity that allows him to see every detail in the room and adapt his sets accordingly.
  5. My Sense of Humor: DJ Faculty understands the power of humour in bringing people together. His sense of humour is a tool he wields skillfully to create a lively and enjoyable atmosphere in any event. When asked why his sense of humour was a necessity, he said that “No matter where you go and irrespective of anything, you have to make fun of the situation; even if it’s serious. If you meet seriousness with seriousness, it becomes a brouhaha.” Whether it’s a high-energy party or a more serious occasion, his ability to make people laugh and smile makes him a beloved figure in the entertainment scene.

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By Esther Aryee|3xtra.tv|Ghana

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