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Farewell to a Four-Legged Legend: Ghana Police Service Mourns the Loss of It’s Horse, P/H Corporal Queen Mother


The Ghana Police Service is bidding a sombre farewell to one of its most distinguished and cherished members, a gallant horse, P/H Corporal Queen Mother.


The horse, a majestic symbol of honour and loyalty, passed away on August 8, 2023, leaving behind a legacy of remarkable ceremonial performances and a deep imprint on the hearts of all who had the privilege of encountering it.

P/H Corporal Queen Mother had been an integral part of the Police Mounted Squadron since 2019.

The Ghana Police Service via its social media handles eulogized the animal for exemplifying the core values of the Service through its tireless dedication and steadfast commitment to duty.

According to the Service, the remarkable horse participated in numerous significant events that marked Ghana’s history, including the grandeur of Independence Day Parades, the dignified opening of Parliament during the State of the Nation’s Address, and the proud moments of cadet officers’ graduations.

It’s commanding presence and dignified demeanor during these occasions left an indelible mark on the collective memory of the nation.

“The Service’s bond with P/H Corporal Queen Mother extended beyond duty, with the horse becoming a beloved member of the Police family. Its imposing presence and dignified demeanour made it a crowd favourite during public events, evoking a sense of pride and respect,” the post read.

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The Ghana Police Service also used the opportunity to commemorate the invaluable contributions P/H Corporal Queen Mother made to both the Service and the nation at large as they mourned its loss.

In recognition of its exceptional service, P/H Corporal Queen Mother has been posthumously promoted to the distinguished rank of Sergeant.

This promotion not only honours the horse’s dedication but also signifies the profound respect and gratitude the Police Service holds for its fallen comrade.

“The legacy of this remarkable horse will continue to inspire and remind Ghanaians of the unwavering commitment and dedication that define the nation’s law enforcement agency,” the post went on to say.

Ghanaians from all walks of life also took to Facebook and other social media platforms to pay their respects to the recently departed horse of the Ghana Police Service.

Abdul Rahman Issah, echoing the sentiments of countless Ghanaians, expressed his farewell message, saying, “Farewell and the nation is grateful for your service.”

The sentiment was shared by Sam K Annan Anafful, who expressed, “Sad! Farewell P/H Sergeant Queen Mother. Ghana ???????? is grateful for your service.”

P/H Corporal Queen Mother’s legacy extends beyond its own life, as it leaves behind a legacy of three offspring, the youngest of which is a mere two weeks old.

These successors, born into a lineage of service and dedication, will carry forward the proud tradition that P/H Corporal Queen Mother so gallantly embodied.


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