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Ghanaian watchmaker Patrick Amofah on crafting a timeless legacy with Warrior King Watches


In an era where wristwatches have evolved from mere timekeeping devices to symbols of opulence and craftsmanship, a young Ghanaian horologer, Patrick Amofah, is leaving an indelible mark on the luxury watch market.

Derived from the literal meaning of ‘Ghana,’ which translates to ‘Warrior King,’ these bespoke timepieces are not merely masterpieces of craftsmanship but also symbols of strength and legacy.

According to Amofa in an interview with GQ South Africa, his love for timepieces was born out of the annual Christmas gifts his mother added to his clothes.

“One of my fondest memories growing up was receiving presents from my mother every Christmas; you know, the usual shoes and clothes but she’d always add a watch every time and warn my brother and cousins that “this is for Patrick!”. One of my “big boy” watches I got from her was a Casio F-91W. And I remember the excitement of wearing this even as a teenager,” he told the Magazine.

However, the transformative event that propelled Patrick into creating iconic timepieces happened with the passing of his father in 2017.

“It took the passing of my father in 2017 for me to take watch-making seriously,” he revealed.

Fueled by his father’s passion for watches, who had bequeathed a collection of timepieces, and confronted with the difficulty of locating skilled watchmakers in Ghana to expertly restore these family heirlooms, he embarked on the journey to establish his own brand.

He shared, “My father had a deep love for watches, an old school police detective who never played with time or his watches. On a personal level, you tend to hold on to the belongings of your loved ones and his watches were one the legacies I wanted to carry with me at all because I know how much they event to him. A few had been worn out and I embarked on a heartfelt mission to restore and breathe new life into these watches.”

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This journey birthed HourHand Watch Co., not just as a business but as a tribute to his parents’ legacy.

“However, it was difficult to get a skilled watchmaker in Ghana. I noticed there were people in my circle who’ve had similar experiences and had to let go of sentiments of loved ones they cherished in watches,” Patrick Amofa added.

Today, the Warrior King Watches has gone beyond continuing to honor his father’s memory and passion for watches to an accessory brand that provides not sentimental treasures to clients.

The Warrior King Heritage model stands out with its captivating green dial adorned with carefully crafted stick indexes and a subdued yet striking matt white embossed logo.

On the watch face, a proud tribute takes center stage in the form of the Kwame Nkrumah Memorial Park monument, a fitting homage to Ghana’s esteemed first president and renowned pan-Africanist, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah.

In a stroke of true exclusivity, only 100 of these limited edition timepieces have been crafted, making them not just a reflection of Ghana’s history but also a treasured rarity for discerning watch enthusiasts.

This extraordinary timepiece earned its inaugural endorsement from the Asantehene, who received an exclusive 18-karat gold Warrior King Timepiece in commemoration of the Awukudae festival.

“It’s a unique watch which carries profound historical and cultural importance. It was assessed at a value of GHS 100,000.00,” the watchmaker said.

In his view, Warrior King Watches surpass mere status symbols, providing outstanding value for money. Featuring classic design, robust construction, a distinctive finish, reliable movement, and water resistance up to 165 feet, these timepieces seamlessly unite tradition and modernity.

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