Home Lifestyle Jerry Adjorlolo shares the inspiration behind the name of his organization, Domotale Africa

Jerry Adjorlolo shares the inspiration behind the name of his organization, Domotale Africa


Master of Ceremonies, Jerry Adjorlolo has recently shared the inspiration behind the name of his consultancy, Domotale Africa and why it was set up.

Speaking to Giovanni Caleb and AJ Sarpong on 3FM Drive, the presidential MC disclosed how the name ‘Domotale’ came into being. This explanation came on board after a listener through the comment section asked that light be shed on it.

“I went to register a company. I wanted to do DMTL but then I was told there is something in the system like that. While seated there, I looked at the letters and came up with ‘Do More. Talk Less’ and that’s how the name came about. I took the first two letters,” he disclosed.

According to the Managing Director of Domotale Africa, the consultancy exists to manage what he does. He opined that there should be more he should offer clients even if it didn’t have to do with being an MC for an event.

“This is the brand that manages me; a bit of event management, public relations, business facilitation and protocol. These are the various strands within the business,” he stated.

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He added that “I exist to add value to all my clients. You may not have the chance to be MCing every time for a particular customer. What else can you do? I set out to establish this business so that I can offer my expertise in protocol, event management and public relations. When I am not actively MCing, I’m engaging in these other areas to add value to the client.”

Shifting the conversation a bit to a comment made on him being a talented guitarist, the Ghanaian content creator and moderator noted that it’s a thing of the past as now he rolls with a mic instead.

“I used to be quite active back in the day but right now, I’ve sold the guitar to buy a mic. I started on January 18, 2000 after my mum bought me a guitar. There was a guy who was teaching me and I was playing in church; the rest is history,” he mentioned.


By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.tv|Ghana

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