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Menscook Gh: How a young gourmet chef kickstarted the brand that has captivated Ghanaian hearts and African taste buds


In the culinary world of Ghana, one catering and private dining company is making waves with its mouthwatering meals, imaginative setups, and viral dance videos.


Menscook Catering and Logistics Ghana, led by a gourmet chef and former Golden Tulip Hotel Chef Dave Compound, has captured the hearts and taste buds of many as they redefine the culinary experience in the country.

In a recent interview on TV3, the brand’s manager of the company, Wisdom Obeng-Nyarko shed light on the intriguing aspect of their company being exclusively composed of men.

Berla Mundi, the host, curiously asked about the reasoning behind this unique feature.

Wisdom responded, explaining that it all stemmed from how the brand initially started.

It began with one person [Dave Compound] who wanted to work with his friends, and as they ventured out, they witnessed the acceptance and positive response from the people.

This led them to maintain an all-male team, as they believed in not changing a winning formula. As long as it continues to work, they saw no reason to deviate from their successful approach.

“so all of us being men, it comes naturally to us because of how the brand started. We started with one person who wanted to work with his friends and then we started going out there, we saw the acceptance from the people and you don’t change a winning team so as it’s working, why don’t we amplify that,” he shared.

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Today, Menscook stands proud as one of Ghana’s top catering companies passionately exporting the Ghanaian flavour and culture to other parts of the world.  The list includes Cote D’Ivoire, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Dubai and Seychelles.


The conversation delved further into the skills required to be a part of Menscook. Berla Mundi asked if everyone in the team knew how to cook from the beginning.

Obeng Nyarko confirmed that initially, all members possessed cooking skills as it was a close-knit team of chefs and cooking enthusiasts.


However, as the company grew and evolved, it organized itself into sections, similar to any other company.

They now have dedicated teams handling administration, the kitchen, and logistics. Not all members are necessarily chefs, as the company encompasses various roles that contribute to their overall success.


One aspect that Menscook is widely known for is their captivating dance videos. However, they were quick to clarify that dancing skills are not a prerequisite for joining the team. The dance performances primarily serve as entertainment and engagement with their Instagram community, where they have gained significant acceptance and engagement.


During the TV interview, the Menscook crew emphasized that auditions focus on assessing individuals’ capabilities and talents, rather than their dancing abilities. They value creativity and innovation, encouraging team members to express their skills and talents through their hands, body, or voice.


Menscook Catering and Logistics Ghana have undoubtedly made a name for themselves through their delectable meals, visually stunning setups and captivating dance performances and

They’re the favourite food choice of Stonebwoy, Medikal, Fella Makafui and other private individuals who are looking for a 360 experience for their events.

Their unique all-male composition sets them apart in the culinary landscape of Ghana, showcasing their camaraderie and dedication to providing exceptional experiences to their clients.

So, the next time you witness their captivating dance videos or indulge in their sumptuous-looking meals, remember that Menscook Catering and Logistics Ghana is more than just a culinary brand—it’s a celebration of creativity, innovation, and the joy of good food.


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