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‘No beautician is licensed to inject’ – Beauty consultant Linda Mensah weighs in on body enhancement


Medical aesthetician and beauty consultant Linda Mensah has raised concerns about the state of the beauty industry in Ghana highlighting the the dangers involved in embarking on body enhancement therapy.

In an interview with Berla Mundi on the Day Show on TV3, the founder of BlackCherry GH stated that it was wrong for any mere beautician to inject a syringe in the name of enhancing a body without a license.

“There’s no beautician licensed to inject. It’s not right. To use any form of injection or syringe, you need to be licensed to do it. You need to go to school” she stated.

She also stressed the importance of formal training to ensure that professionals in the beauty industry meet the necessary standards.

The beauty expert further bemoaned the state of the beauty industry stating clear disparities when compared to international counterparts. According to her, the industry lacks innovation in the beauty industry in Ghana, noting a shortage of novel techniques.

Linda concluded by advocating for the training of informal personnel in the beauty industry, emphasizing the need to provide proper education and training to raise the industry’s overall standards. Her insights shed light on the challenges and opportunities within Ghana’s beauty industry, highlighting the importance of both innovation and professional development.


By Malise Kofi Omoloye|3xtra|Ghana

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