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Mzbel’s Two-Month-Old Daughter Becomes Face of Cosmetic Brand


Nana Hemaa Sikapa, the two-month-old daughter of Ghanaian singer and entrepreneur Mzbel, has been named a brand ambassador for Pinamang Cosmetics.


This unprecedented announcement has sparked widespread intrigue and speculation, leaving many to ponder the motivations behind this unconventional decision.

Mzbel,  who is also a brand ambassador for the said company took to social media to unveil her daughter’s newfound ambassadorial status on Sunday, August 13.

Overflowing with enthusiasm, she extended her gratitude to the cosmetics brand for affording her daughter such an opportunity.

In a heartfelt caption accompanying a post, Mzbel wrote, “I’m excited to announce to you that my girl @baby_ohemaa1 is the new brand ambassador for Queen Kadi Baby products by @pinamangcosmetics.”

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The disclosure swiftly captivated the attention of followers and fans alike, inciting a spectrum of reactions encompassing astonishment and encouragement.

The move, applauded by some as a masterful marketing ploy that effectively commandeered headlines, raised eyebrows and curiosity amongst others.

“If I will buy this product, is because of u that I will buy and try it,” a fan wrote.

As discussions unfold, some social media observers lauded the audacity inherent in the decision, seeing it as a strategic manoeuvre to resonate with the audience.

Concurrently, concerns have arisen regarding the ethical considerations intertwined with immersing an infant in the realm of brand endorsements.

It remains to be seen how Nana Hemaa Sikapa’s ambassadorial role will reshape perceptions of brand marketing strategies, provoke dialogues about early exposure to commercial endeavours, and navigate the intricate intersection of commerce and childhood innocence in the Ghanaian entertainment industry.

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