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Ghanaian Comedians OB Amponsah and Lekzy DC Refused Visa To Perform At Comedy Festival in South Africa


Ghanaian comedians OB Amponsah and Lekzy DC,  have been forced to cancel their participation in an upcoming comedy festival in Bloemfontein, South Africa as they face visa issues.


OB Amponsah, who is known for his wit and humour shared his disappointment in a heartfelt message, expressing the frustration of taking one step forward only to be pulled three steps back by immigration policies.

In a Facebook post about the situation, he revealed that he decided to take his talents beyond the borders of Ghana in 2022.

He embarked on a journey to explore the South African comedy scene, performing at various clubs and testing the waters.

It was a bold move, and he pitched his comedic tent with Nabil Alhassan and Event Factory, seeking to carve a niche in a new market where even Ghanaian humour found its place.

In May 2023, Lekzy DC, Amponsah’s comedy partner, joined him on this ambitious trip to South Africa.

Together, they continued to perform at clubs, gaining the attention of event organizers and comedian friends.

Their hard work and dedication eventually paid off when they received the news that they had been booked to perform at a comedy festival in Bloemfontein scheduled for Saturday, September 2, 2023.

Despite their best efforts, the comedians were unable to obtain the necessary visas to enter South Africa.

This has placed their participation in the festival, which they worked tirelessly to secure, in serious jeopardy.

He also revealed the personal sacrifices made to fund their trips and gigs in South Africa, all with the hope of making a mark on the comedy scene.

The visa application process for Ghanaians entering South Africa is stringent. Unlike some other countries, Ghanaian citizens do not qualify for a visa on arrival in South Africa.

Instead, they must apply for and obtain a visa from the South African embassy in Accra before boarding their flight to South Africa.

The issue is quite shocking as South Africa in 2019 offered a visa waiver to Ghana, however, authorities are yet to accept the waiver.

According to a UNESCO report, it is quite common for artistes especially from Africa and other developing nations to encounter visa-related hurdles that lead to show cancellations or postponements.

These issues may range but are not limited to bureaucratic processes, documentation requirements, or unforeseen circumstances.


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