I even gave one of my pickups to John Dumelo to drive for more than a month – Kwadwo Safo Jnr speaks on the durability of his cars for long expeditions


Kwadwo Safo Jnr, the visionary CEO of Kantanka Automobile, has dispelled concerns over the durability of his vehicles in a recent statement on TV3.

Kwadwo Safo in the interview not only showcased his unwavering confidence in his products but also revealed instances of their successful application in demanding scenarios, including lending his own vehicles to notable individuals such as John Dumelo.

“My very great friend and partner is John Dumelo, I gave him one of my pickups to drive for more than a month, you can ask him,” Safo disclosed.

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Addressing scepticism surrounding the vehicles’ suitability for various applications, including long-distance trips the C.E.O of Katanka Automobiles adamantly asserted, “Of course, We have been bidding for contracts and in bidding for contracts they are certain specifications that these government agencies require from the vehicles if you look at a company like Forestry they used more than 20 of my vehicles.”

Safo also took the opportunity to highlight the wide array of contexts in which Kantanka cars have proven their mettle.

“The NIA have my cars, Otumfuo also has them and even the office of the President, I have put these cars under harsh treatment and conditions just to be able,” he assured.

Safo ardently refuted the notion that his vehicles are unsuitable for challenging ventures, such as the Wanderlust Ghana team’s epic 10,000-kilometer expedition from Accra to London.

“I give my cars to people who are shooting movies. I can say, ‘Oh, it’s not too durable, so I’m scared to give it to people out there.’ Nah, this is not the case,” he asserted emphatically.


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