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Trends and Tales: A Rollercoaster Week of Dramas, Social Media Shenanigansand Laughs


Cheers to another exciting week! As we dive headfirst into the whirlpool of social media antics, it’s clear that the drama never takes a vacation.

Buckle up, folks, because this week’s ride has been one for the books. If you thought reality TV was wild, wait until you get a load of the digital theatrics that unfolded.

Bridge View’s CCTV Cliffhanger

Just when we thought the dust was settling in the Peace Afi Dogbatsey and Bridge View Customer service debacle, we were hit with an unexpected twist. Bridge View Hotel promised to unveil CCTV footage of the incident, only to leave us hanging and waiting for a peek at what went down.

Maybe they’re playing the long game, or maybe it’s a modern-day cliffhanger – either way, our popcorn is ready.

Defamation Drama Deluxe

Speaking of drama, nothing spices up a story like a good old defamation lawsuit. Bridge View Hotel has apparently decided to sue the customer for, well, talking about them too much. The hotel demands a retraction, apology, and the kind of legal fees that could make your eyes water. In the era of social media battles, who needs soap operas?

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From Lump to Larceny


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In the realm of relationships, things took a turn from heart-wrenching to downright comical. A man with a mysterious lump in his stomach appeared in a tearful video, tugging at our heartstrings. But hold your sympathy – his wife came roaring in with a juicy counter-story. It turns out the lump is the least of his worries, and his wife isn’t holding back on the details. Brace yourselves for tales of armed robbery, escape tactics involving his belly, and a side dish of weed and tramadol. Ah, the complexities of modern love.

Reggie Zippy’s Divorce Drama

And then, X-Factor star Reggie Zippy declared his divorce with a dose of sarcasm and self-deprecation.

But just when we thought it was all about his freedom journey, his wife dropped a bombshell – she was the one who filed for the divorce and paid for it.

As the truth unraveled, it was clear that this wasn’t your average divorce drama.

Oh, and there’s a baby on the way with his white girlfriend. Who said life couldn’t be more of a rollercoaster?

Fetish Priest vs. the Law

In a twist of fate, the seemingly invincible clashed with the law. A powerful fetish priest,Nii Ode Asem Pa ‘s attempt to stop a demolition in Nima ended with an arrest.

Just goes to show, even the mightiest can find themselves in a tight spot. We’re waiting for his next move – a spell, perhaps?

In his defence, Nana stated, “I know that they accorded me respect and asked me to sit in the police car, but all of a sudden, we started moving. I could have vanished, and the moment I pour water on the ground, things would happen. If I was a bad person, I would have made something occur on our way. I admit, they did nothing to me, but they wasted my time. I wasn’t put in the cell.”




Stonebwoy’s Unfortunate Robbery Tale


But wait, there’s more! Stonebwoy’s alleged robbery in Atlanta gave us a taste of the thriller genre.

According to sources, Stonebwoy and his team were allegedly targeted by robbers in Atlanta, Georgia causing a frenzy on social media.

The event occurred after the artiste had posted a video of himself shopping at the well-known Icebox Diamond & Watches store in the city.

Footage shared by Gossips24TV captured Stonebwoy’s arrival at the Icebox shop and documented his interactions with the store staff.

The video depicted the artiste’s engagement as he personalized a gift box with the names of his two children.

Our only advice on this matter is not to post sensitive information on social media as it might come with unexpected consequences.

Criminals are lurking in the shadows, and they’re paying attention to your posts.

Dance Moves and Generosity

On a lighter note, Ghana’s Minister of Energy, Napo, showed off his ampe skills at the Energy Sector Games. Who knew policymakers had such moves?

Hisense Ghana also stepped up, gifting a bus to Medeama Sporting Club. And Madam Hisense herself, Nana Mcbrown, celebrated her birthday in style, driving the bus to the forecourt like a boss.

Taxing Wins 

In the digital world, content creators are cashing in on Twitter’s revenue-sharing program. But let’s not forget, the taxman lurks around every corner. Ghana’s new 10% tax on bet winnings is a double whammy – God gets 10%, and the government gets 10%. Maybe it’s time to renegotiate your terms with Lady Luck.

More Relationship Dramas

Relationships continued to take centre stage as Accra Chairman Ohene shocked us all by marrying Awurama, his girlfriend of 2 years, despite dating Serwaa Prikels for a whopping 11 years. Kids, timelines, and a touch of confusion – it’s like a telenovela set in Accra.


So here’s to the week that was a whirlwind of emotions, laughs, and head-scratching moments.

As we bid adieu to this chapter of social media theatrics, let’s raise a virtual glass to another week of unpredictable escapades.

May the memes be ever in your favour!

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