Trends and Tales: A Week of “Shege” and “Wahala” On Addo Dee’s Internet


As the weekend winds down, you’re probably either basking in the afterglow of an awesome week or contemplating the vicissitudes of life while cursing “Shege” (a term used to refer to hardship) and praying for a better week ahead.

But fear not, dear reader, for we’ve got a hilarious round-up of the week’s most entertaining trends and tales from the vibrant world of Ghana’s social media.

Bridge View Resort: Where “All That Glitters” Isn’t Gold

Imagine being that friend scrolling through Instagram, enviously gazing at your rich buddies’ vacation snaps at Bridge View Resort. Well, here’s a twist: Bridge View Resort has become the unsuspecting star of the week’s unruly drama. This posh getaway spot usually bedecked in glitz and glam, is now under the social media spotlight for all the wrong reasons.

An excerpt of Peace Dogbatsey’s experience with Bridge View Resort

Peace Afi Dogbatsey, a visitor to the resort, took to the virtual streets to recount a jaw-droppingly unprofessional experience. A comedy of booking errors, mismatched room expectations, and a shouting match with the manager unfolded. Our jaws collectively dropped when he yelled at her to get out of his hotel, showcasing a surprising knack for hospitality.
But the real punchline? The resort decided to handle the situation by editing an official communique 33 times in real-time, while niftily deleting netizens’ comments that dared question their stance.

It’s as if they were in a digital boxing ring, dodging punches and missing the humour in their own PR debacle.
Deputy Minister of Information vs. Kafui Danku’s Hair Salon Chronicles

It’s not just resorts that are caught in the crosshairs of digital ridicule.

Ghanaian Deputy Minister of Information, Fatimatu Abubakar, decided to take a swing at actress Kafui Danku’s expensive hairdo. Aye, it’s hair talk, but with a political twist.

Hair goals or nah?? Kafui Danku blames the government for her pricey hair choices

Kafui’s pricey hair choice spiralled into a blame game with the actress blaming the government for her own beauty routine. While Fatimatu heavily defended the government with her own hair choices at the Mallam Atta market.

Oh boy, if hair could talk, it’d probably sigh and tell these two to go fight in another corner.

In a classic social media tête-à-tête, the two engaged in a back-and-forth, with Kafui advocating for government regulation of hair salons and other services. Maybe we should cut our coats according to our sizes or our hair in this instance.

Social media couldn’t resist getting in on the action, with trolls serving up digital popcorn as they watched the spectacle unfold.
University of Ghana or JB Danquah University? Decisions, Decisions…


President Akufo-Addo hinted at the possibility of renaming the venerable University of Ghana after the doyen of Ghanaian politics, Joseph Boakye Danquah.

The art of naming ceremonies has taken a new twist in our very own Republic of J.B Danquah oops Republic of Ghana.

President Akufo-Addo, in a moment of casual banter during the 75th anniversary of Ghana’s first tertiary institution, hinted at the possibility of renaming the venerable University of Ghana after the doyen of Ghanaian politics, Joseph Boakye Danquah.

The crowd was left in stitches as they grappled with the prospect of another renaming saga.

While the president’s statement had its humorous side, social media wasted no time in pointing out the need for the government to focus on more pressing issues than renaming institutions.

With economic concerns and corruption scandals looming, it’s clear that the Namer-In-Chief (sorry Addo Dee)  has his priorities set on reclaiming his family’s place in Ghana’s history.

From Accra to London: The Epic Road Trip

And now for a dose of good news that proves the power of social media.

The adventurers of “Wanderlust Team” embarked on an epic road trip from Accra to London to raise awareness about digitalization in rural areas and build libraries.

While they may not have hit the $100,000 mark, their $13,000 success is evidence that social media gets results and we are all indeed grateful for the digital community’s support but they still need more, kindly donate for this cause instead of the National Cathedral and God will bless you.

In the world of social media, there’s always a commentator ready to rain on the parade. And this time it was Isaac Duker who thought the journey from Ghana to England was akin to a leisurely drive from Toronto to Vancouver.

Ghanaians online promptly reminded him that “unwarranted negativity” should come with a side of research.

Sunday Thoughts: Paul Adam Otchere and the Extra “Cecilia Dapaah’ Funds

As Sunday unfolds, our thoughts linger on a lingering mystery: the extra funds found in Cecilia Dapaah’s home and her other accounts by the Office of the Special Prosecutor.


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The initial $800,000 stirred up plenty of questions, and as we continue to await Paul Adam Otchere’s explanation, we can’t help but wonder whether the added funds might come from an unexpected source—perhaps a generous donation during a joyous occasion, like a son or daughter’s wedding.


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So, as you savour the remnants of the weekend, keep in mind that social media is like a digital circus, filled with humorous anecdotes, feisty debates, and unexpected trends that keep us entertained and connected, even as we navigate through the myriad challenges of life.


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