Home News Dr Louisa reveals the story behind her appearance on Stonebwoy’s ‘5th Dimension’ Album

Dr Louisa reveals the story behind her appearance on Stonebwoy’s ‘5th Dimension’ Album

Dr Louisa reveals the story behind her appearance on Stonebwoy's ‘5th Dimension’ Album

In the realm of music creation, the most extraordinary moments often arise from unexpected sources. Such was the case for Louisa Satekla, the wife of Ghanaian dancehall artist Stonebwoy, who found herself making an impromptu appearance on his highly anticipated 5th Dimension album.

Louisa revealed the creative details of the 5th Dimension album when she appeared as a guest on The Day Show on TV3 with Berla Mundi.

According to the dental surgeon, the creative spontaneity within the recording process stems from a simple moment of inspiration one weekend when Stonebwoy expressed the desire to escape the confines of their home and immerse himself in a new environment.

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“So that was actually interesting, it was one weekend we were at home and Stone said let’s go somewhere. He wanted to get out there for a bit so we drove out to the Volta at the beach with a nice setting. He just wanted to get out a bit but he took his  producer along so he could draw some inspiration,” she said

She further revealed that they settled on the beach where the ambience and the scenic beauty worked magic in creating an atmosphere conducive to artistic expression.


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The infectious vibes and energy, she acknowledged, permeated the entire space, enveloping everyone present. It was in this carefree environment that Stonebwoy spontaneously began to freestyle, allowing his words to flow unfiltered.

“So we were all just sitting beach and he was recording and you know before the recording he was easily playing the instrumental a few times and it was quite a vibe so he does a freestyle or something,” she revealed

Louisa, who said two words “reptile” and “dental” during the freestyle session expressed that she took a nap after and only woke up to realize her seemingly inconsequential interjection has been featured on the album.

“He was saying something and said something about reptiles. I was dozing off and I just said reptile and dental. I went to take a nap when I got back, they had taken what I said and used it as the intro of the song just like that,” she disclosed

 Stonebwoy’s 5th Dimension album continues to make waves in the music industry having made an impressive debut on the esteemed Billboard Reggae Albums Chart  at the number 8 spot in May 2023 and Lousia can boldly claim her part in this creative success.


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