Home News I could have vanished if I was a bad person – Fetish Priest who stormed demolishing exercise in Nima and got arrested reveals

I could have vanished if I was a bad person – Fetish Priest who stormed demolishing exercise in Nima and got arrested reveals


A Fetish Priest, Nii Ode Asem Pa who stormed Nima in Accra to stop a demolishing exercise only to find himself under arrest has addressed the viral video of his capture on social media.

According to the traditional cleric, he could have absconded from the long arms of the law but decided to follow due process

“I could have vanished if I was a bad person, I would have made something happen on our way to the station,” he shared in an interview with Kofi TV.
A Heroic Entrance Gone Awry

The video of the dramatic incident surfaced online on Wednesday, August 16, 2023, which showcased an incensed Fetish Priest making a bold entrance at a demolition site in Nima as a crowd of intrigued residents followed him.

In the video shared by a Twitter user, Aboagye, the crowd urged the priest to display his mystical powers to halt the demolition exercise which escalated to his arrest on the spot.

It was a funny sight to behold as the person who was thought to be the saviour of the people, got arrested at the scene.

The  viral video has garnered amusing reactions, solidifying the incident as an internet sensation


Battle for Land and Legacy

The backdrop of this spectacle is a land dispute in Nima, involving shops, homes, and even churches.

Residents of the area assert that the land belongs to them individually while the government claims it is theirs, setting the stage for a passionate clash of interests.

Nii Ode Asem Pa’s intervention aimed to serve as a symbolic stand against perceived injustice, although the situation took a twist no one expected.

Priest’s Perspective: Ancestral Connections and Defiance

The fetish priest in the video explained the motivation behind his actions that led to his arrest on Wednesday.

“When we have something, no one can possess it until we willingly give it out. We are the owners of Nima. I was told that a place was being demolished so out of anger, I went there. I called our ancestors and they showed me the way I had to go about it. I was having alcohol and the thing around my neck. It wasn’t a fight because if it was, something bad would have happened. Our ancestors have taught us plenty of stones that should alcohol be poured on them, it’ll spark a fire,” he told Kofi Adoma.

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Fierce Defense of the Land

With unwavering conviction, Nii Ode Asem Pa boldly asserted that the land rightfully belongs to the residents of Nima.  Going to the site was for him to “teach them a lesson” though he changed his mind.

“We are Ghanaians and wouldn’t want anything bad to happen but what was done didn’t please a lot of people. The land is ours. No one told us anything and before we knew it, the police, soldiers and fire service came there and were doing what they wanted. This is wrong. I wanted to teach them a lesson but I let things slide because of God,” he stated.

Respectful Arrest

He continued, “The police asked that I calm down. I didn’t know their car was there. When I got there, they asked that I get in and took me to the striking force. This is wrong. What they’re doing is not nice. The land is not for the government, we have the papers and I say this with all confidence.”

Recounting what happened before and during his arrest, Nii Ode Asem Pa noted that the police service pampered him and gave him maximum respect though his time was taken for granted.

“I know that they accorded me respect and asked me to sit in the police car but all of a sudden, we started moving. I could have vanished and the moment I pour water on the ground, things would happen. If I was a bad person, I would have made something occur on our way. I admit, they did nothing to me but they wasted my time. I wasn’t put in the cell,” he revealed.

A Message to Authorities

Sharing his final words in the interview, he told the supporters of the government to “watch out” as they have wronged his people.

“If I were to have done something, people would have gotten hurt and I didn’t want that to happen. The government has offended us greatly so they should watch out. The same goes for the council, MCE and everyone who is in agreement with them,” he threatened.



By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.Tv|Ghana

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