Home News  Mayhem Podcast unravels tale of Dr. Yoggi Ram Beckley

 Mayhem Podcast unravels tale of Dr. Yoggi Ram Beckley


In a recent episode of the Mayhem podcast, host John-Andrew Addo delved into the story of Dr. Yoggi Ram Beckley, an alleged occult psychic linked to disturbing allegations of missing school children in 1994. The podcast takes listeners on a journey through the unsettling and traumatic events that transpired in New Fadama and Gbawe in Accra, once a quiet neighborhood transformed by dark secrets.

Dr. Sri Yogi Ram Beckley is a controversial figure who has been accused of being a serial fraudster and cult leader. He is the founder of the Ascended Masters Teachings, a New Age religious group that has been criticized for its teachings on reincarnation, karma, and the nature of reality. Beckley has also been accused of running a pyramid scheme and using his position of power to manipulate and exploit his followers.

Beckley’s background is shrouded in mystery. He claims to have been born in India and to have received mystical teachings from various masters, including the Dalai Lama and Mahatma Gandhi. However, there is no evidence to support these claims.

Beckley first emerged in the public eye in the 1970s, when he began teaching his Ascended Masters Teachings. The group quickly gained a following, and Beckley was hailed as a spiritual leader.

Back in 1994, Dr. Beckley’s house was raided, revealing blood-stained skulls and cannibalistic items. Rumors circulated that he was an occultist kidnapping children for sacrificial rituals. Despite facing charges of assault and kidnapping, the trial took a strange turn when the Attorney General’s office suggested discontinuing the case, leading to Dr. Beckley’s release.

Fast forward to 2002, when Dr. Beckley reappeared in Gbawe, suspected of kidnapping two girls. A bystander intervened, but the community’s fear ignited mobs to lit Dr. Beckley’s homes in flames, leaving him homeless. Even his daughter, Ms. Olive Beckley, got involved, advocating for her father’s rights to travel. 

The mystery deepens as Dr. Beckley’s whereabouts remain unknown. Ms. Olive Beckley insists her father is innocent, with Ghanaians questioning about her motives. As the true crime story unfolds, listeners are left with more questions than answers, emphasizing the dark realities that can hide where we least expect them.

As Mayhem concludes this episode, the tale of Dr. Yoggi Ram Beckley serves as a reminder to stay vigilant, exploring the shadows where darkness may lurk. 

Mayhem is a true crime podcast by 3xtra from Media General Digital, that unravels intriguing criminal stories of Ghana, uncovering mysteries and sharing real-life experiences. Episodes are released bi-weekly.

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