Home News Mother of culprit in Koforidua murder case opens up about the decision to hand over son to authorities 

Mother of culprit in Koforidua murder case opens up about the decision to hand over son to authorities 


The Ankobiahemaa of Suhum-Nifa, Nana Dede Klottey, has revealed the heart-wrenching reason behind her personal decision to hand her own son over to the police.


Following the notification from her son about the death of his girlfriend at his hands, Nana Dede felt compelled to take action in pursuit of justice and peace.

Speaking to the press in an interview at the Koforidua High Court on June 21, where the case is being heard, Nana Dede recounted the emotional moment when her son reached out to inform her about the incident.

“It has happened and I know he is in a relationship with the girl. When it happened, I was at an event and he called me to inform me. But because I stand for peace, I asked him not to flee, I asked him to go home and I left Accra back to Koforidua, I personally handed him over to the police because I want peace,” she recounted.

According to the mother of the culprit, her son, Kwabena, and the deceased, Abena, were in a romantic relationship characterized by frequent arguments and subsequent reconciliations

“I am a mother and if it is done to me, I won’t be happy. Kwabena and Abena are lovers and they usually quarrel; anyone who attempts to intervene becomes a third person. I treat both of them as my kids,” she shared.

However, the circumstances surrounding Abena’s untimely death remain shrouded in mystery, leaving Nana Dede searching for answers.

Acknowledging the complexities of the situation, Nana Dede disclosed that she had a deep concern for both families,stating “But with what has happened, only God knows where and how this came about. May he have mercy on us. It has happened. “She is someone’s daughter, she is a human being, that is why I handed my son over to the police. I cannot shield him. That is my case. I want the two families to be united so that we would find a resting place for Abena.”

TV3 recently reported the chilling incident in which a 23-year-old lady lost her life at Trom, a suburb of Koforidua in the Eastern Region.

The shocking nature of the crime left neighbours stunned, as there were no audible cries for help reported from the victim’s room.

The Eastern Regional Police Command have also confirmed the incident, revealing that the lifeless body of the young woman was discovered in her rented apartment on the night of Saturday, June 17, 2023, following information provided by the suspect, her boyfriend.


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