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Sheldon and I are cool – Code Micky speaks on supposed beef


Content creator, Code Micky has cleared the air concerning the ongoing banter on social media between himself and Kwadwo Sheldon.


The YouTuber in an interview with Osei Felicia, host of Adwuma Adwuma on Onua FM indicated he is not at loggerheads with Sheldon despite the drama between them.

“Everything is cool. These little things make our space nice…so I do not make such things get the better part of me,” he stated.

Recently, a seemingly innocent Twitter post by a user named AD-Trey sparked a heated debate among netizens as they weighed in on who their preferred “break-down plug” was between two prominent content creators, Kwadwo Sheldon and Code Micky.

AD-Trey’s Twitter post simply read, “Who is your current break-down plug? Kwadwo Sheldon or Code Micky?” In a bid to measure public sentiment, he added a poll to the post. What followed was an avalanche of responses and votes, setting the stage for a showdown between the two digital personalities.

The poll results were eye-opening, with Code Micky securing an impressive 72% of the votes. This resounding show of support for Code Micky came as a surprise to many, given Kwadwo Sheldon’s well-established presence in the content creation sphere.

As the poll gained traction, the post became a hotbed of passionate arguments and opinions.

The YouTuber also took time to explain how he works with Felica Osei on the mid-morning show.

“I believe that my kind of videos are meant to release stress. When I started, some ladies felt I didn’t know what I was about but one funny thing is that with my videos, you’ll get home and see the guy you’re living with watching it several times and as human as you are, you’ll get curious and watch,” he said.

Not directing it to anyone in particular, Code Micky expressed his feelings about looking down on others and went on to talk about his grievances in the social media space.

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“So we are all on the highway. The only problem I have is if you want to downplay someone’s work, you need to have done your research. I entered the Twitter space not long ago but it doesn’t mean I am not knowledgeable when it comes to social media work,” he revealed.

He continued “I have been on Facebook for a while. I did most of Shatta Bundle’s voiceovers. I have been in the game for a long time. If you go on Instagram and TikTok. I’m on there as well. In recent times, we have a new space, Threads and with the help of God, should you enter, people will begin to appreciate the work you’re doing. This doesn’t mean that before the person came on there, he or she had done nothing before.”

Code Micky advised that people within his line of work needed to learn how to appreciate each other.

“When we try appreciating what everyone does, it makes the system we operate in beautiful. When we give constructive criticism, it helps all of us push what we do. One person cannot do it all and that’s why we have a system having everyone playing their part,” he suggested.

By Esther Aryee|3xtra.tv|Ghana

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