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Social Media Abuzz Over Chief Justice’s Remarks on Ama Governor’s Issue


A recent video of Ghana’s Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Gertrude Torkonoo, addressing the denial of certain individuals being called to the bar has set social media ablaze.

Though the video did not mention any names, it has shifted the spotlight to Ghanaian Youtuber, Ama Governor, who was denied a call to the bar in November 2022.

In the video, the Chief Justice expressed surprise at the uproar surrounding the call to the bar of certain individuals, emphasizing that conduct within the legal sector must adhere to proper standards.

She emphasized that obscene and offensive behaviour, including comments on social media and ex parte communications with judges, could hinder admission to the legal profession.

This video has sparked a passionate conversation on social media, with Ghanaians expressing diverse thoughts on the issue.

Some of the comments reflect deep concerns about the perception of morality and ethics within the legal sector.

Some individuals pointed out the apparent inconsistency in the treatment of certain individuals who were called to the bar despite their questionable conduct, such as embezzlement and criminal activities, while others faced rejection for less severe offences.

The debate further expanded to address the broader issue of morality and ethics in Ghanaian society.

Some users questioned the selective application of values and respectability politics, particularly when it comes to matters of sex and sexuality.

They expressed frustration that while certain behaviours are condemned, other heinous crimes like theft and corruption seem to be overlooked.

Below are a few of the tweets.

_osman P “Calling Wonder to the Bar puts a wedge in this argument”

Justice Okai-Allotey #QueerLivesMatter Be a thief we will call you to the bar but dare not post obscene material that one we will crucify you at the cross. It doesn’t matter if you will ace all your papers and be the brightest student. This is the kind of society we live in right now.

a_G She didn’t understand the backlash because like many in the sector, she’s out of touch & doesn’t yet appreciate how many are increasingly incensed with respectability politics when the people who insist on it make accommodations for rapists, thieves, etc. Where is the justice?

Alice Iris 🙂 what even disgusts me about this is that this immediate past GSL president was CONVICTED OF EMBEZZLEMENT OF FUNDS!! but he’s been called the BAR!! WONDER VICTOR KUTOR has been called to the bar! to talk about ethics! Nene In this country, Morality and Ethics only matter when sex or sexuality are involved. Where are our values when we’re stealing and being corrupt?

anisah⁷ tweeted “but thieves and rapists were deemed fit to be called to the bar. what a very sound argument, Madam Chief Justice.

While many did not support the Chief Justice’s justification, there were a few who agreed with her stance. These individuals argued that aspiring legal professionals should adhere to strict ethical standards and respect the profession’s principles.

edjordjinam also shared, “You’ve nailed it.. And I don’t see any reason for people to be hypocritical about this.

While Lux on twitter stated, “How has this been made all about one person? Where did the CJ address Ama Governor here or was she the only one who wasn’t called to the bar? Don’t reduce her case to ‘piercing’. Other videos of her insulting people she claims are anti lgtvw+ caused this”

Analimbey, A. Chris wrote “The Chief Justice’ comment is justified. Persons willing to join the law profession must be prepared to adhere religiously to the ethics of the profession period. Sorry Ama Governor!”

Despite the differing opinions, it is evident that this issue has sparked a significant conversation within the online community.

By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.Tv|Ghana

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