Home News What did I do wrong? This is cruel! – Ama Governor laments on her denied call to the bar in response to the CJ’s video

What did I do wrong? This is cruel! – Ama Governor laments on her denied call to the bar in response to the CJ’s video


Ghanaian youtuber, Ama Governor who was denied a call to the bar last year has replied to the Chief Justice’s justification of the General Legal Council’s refusal to allow her to become a practising lawyer even though she passed the exams.

The student of the Ghana School of Law who after passing her bar exam, got a letter telling her that her call to the bar has been suspended over some alleged report of misconduct recently took to her Twitter page to reply to the video in which the Chief Justice, Her Ladyship Justice Gertrude Torkornoo justified the behaviour of the General Legal Council.

Speaking on the issue on July 31, the video of which went viral on Twitter, the Chief Justice expressed her utmost surprise in the public for “the furore that rose up concerning the call to the bar of certain people”.

Born Elorm Ama Governor-Ababio but popularly known by her two middle names, took to her Twitter page, retweeted the CJ’s video and gave a detailed reply to the issue raised in the visual that trended.

According to her, “Respectfully, I am still waiting to be told what my improper conduct was from 6th Nov 2022 till date. I cannot handle this tarnishing of image and spread of false information about the true facts of the events that took place for much longer. This is cruel.”

She further elaborated that she didn’t think anything she did was to be regarded as ‘misconduct’ because she was just a girl embodying her queerness amongst other issues she discussed on her Youtube channel; that shouldn’t be used against her.

“I was a girl who began studying law at 18 years at the University of Ghana and who having just gotten her first phone in uni, was mesmerized by YouTube, first of all and other social media platforms. I not only amassed an active following but shared everything I’ve learned to be the woman I am today through the law by digitally documenting my life: body
autonomy, feminism, body positivity, embodying my queerness, women’s sexual reproductive health, self-worth, confidence, women’s sexual liberation, and I would create content around this. Was this my crime? Was someone to tell me at 18 that this would be considered a crime 6 yrs later?” her tweet stated.

Ama Governor also raises the 3 grounds on which the unknown petitioner used against her that caused her current predicament, two of which were fallacious. She continually ranted in subsequent tweets, claiming to not recognize the person she was being described as.


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