Ali wants to spoil my name – Ruth cries out over Etornam saga (VIDEO)


The Ali and Ruth ship has reached a titanic phase as it appears that their relationship has hit a rock and their ship is sinking beyond rescue.

In recent twists, Ruth who is currently matched with Ali on the reality has confessed that she has run out of love for her partner.

Ruth appeared to have served Ali breakfast in the lounge when she told him that “I am not interested again, it is over. You said want to give me space and from the space I got attention from someone and I am falling for the person”.

“You are falling for Etornam, right?” Ali asked Ruth and she responded, “he is not the only guy in this house”. Ali continued that “ I don’t blame you” to which Ruth replied: “Blame yourself for giving me space”.

“I don’t think you are the one talking, you are literally high,” Ali said whilst sitting and watching unbothered Ruth sleep on the couch inside the lounge.

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Ruth and Etornam’s relationship gossip has stirred tensions in the house as the housemates try to understand who sparked the rumour as Ruth insists she didn’t tell anyone she is falling for Etornam.

Pouring her frustration out in the bedroom during a conversation, Ruth whilst speaking to Gyato said “ I was like bro I am not interested in you again and he started apologizing. Na so he come conclude say e b Etornam, it doesn’t make sense”.

Further complaining about Ali’s comments, Ruth said: “that boy he wants to spoil my name … he went down there and he was crying … he is just trying to play a victim by telling everyone that I said I am not interested in him again because I am interested in Etornam”.

The Ruth-ali sinking ship continues to take a nose dive and their fate will be determined after tonight’s eviction. Will either of them or both of them go home tonight for the saga to end? Or will they survive the eviction and get another chance to save their ship?

Catch up with the PM Xtra adult rated reality show and tell us what you think.

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