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#GMB2023: Evicted Contestants Reflect on Their Journey and Embrace Future Plans


As the curtains closed on a pivotal night during Ghana’s Most Beautiful 2023, the competition bid farewell to three talented contestants whose journeys had taken unexpected turns.


The Entrepreneurship Night segment marked the end of the road for Wunie from the North-East region, Olila from the Oti region and Ohemaa from the Bono East region.

Amidst the emotions that swirled backstage, the evicted contestants graciously shared their thoughts and aspirations in exclusive interviews.

Wunie, representing the North-East region, spoke with a serene acceptance of the outcome though super emotional about the whole thing. “Honestly, it’s been amazing because I went to audition with so many other ladies, and by the grace of God, I was chosen to represent my region,” she said. With a touch of serenity, she added, “All I can say is that that is how it was supposed to end; it is the will of God.”



With her voice filled with gratitude, Wunie reflected on the purpose she believes her journey served, highlighting that “I believe there is a purpose for everyone, and mine was to come on TV so people get to see me and investors somewhere will get to locate me.”

She acknowledged the transformative experience provided by TV3, stating, “I am very grateful for the grooming TV3 has given us. There are so many things I’ve learned ever since I came here, and I’m very grateful to TV3 for the platform.”

As she looked ahead to her post-GMB plans, Wunie shared her intentions to continue making a positive impact. “I am a student, so I’ll go back to school. My project was to support leprosy patients, and that’s what I’m going to do,” she said in conclusion.

From the Oti region, the vivacious Olila radiated positivity as she recounted her journey. “I am feeling good and calm. The journey has been so much fun and quite interesting. I love every bit of it and I’m going to remember everything that I went through; what I’ve learned, unlearned and a whole lot,” she noted.

With determination in her eyes, Olila disclosed her immediate plans, saying, “After GMB, the first thing I want to do is go on a ‘Thank you’ tour to thank my people for being so supportive.” Her journey from being among the 32 contestants to surviving through 16 to the remarkable 7-week mark was a testament to her resilience and determination. “It was very amazing,” she said, reflecting on her progress.

Olila’s true passion emerged as she spoke about her future endeavours. “After that, I’ll start working on my project that has always been my heart’s desire – empowering women through entrepreneurship,” she suggested.

Ohemaa of the Bono East region exuded enthusiasm as she looked back on her experience. “It has been an amazing and exciting journey for me on GMB. The journey doesn’t end just here because I have other plans,” she mentioned.



Her voice reverberated with a newfound energy, signalling the beginning of a fresh chapter as she unveiled her aspirations.

“It’s my dream to become a musician; an artiste, so from here, I’ll start my music career,” she revealed. The competition might have reached its conclusion for her, but it was evident that her dreams were only just starting to take shape.

As the evicted contestants embark on their individual paths, the hashtag #GMB2023 continues to trend across social media platforms, as viewers express their support and admiration.

The competition gets even tougher as the remaining 13 regional representatives strive for bragging rights as the next queen of the prestigious cultural pageantry.

The audience has the power to shape the future of the competition by casting their votes for their favourite contestants. The voting lines are open; viewers can participate by dialling *713*13# or downloading the TV3 Reality App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.


By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.TV|Ghana

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