#GMB2023: Northern Region’s Nurah Wins ‘Best Costume’ Award on the ‘Music and Dance’ Themed Night


Northern Region’s Nurah emerged as the best-dressed contestant on the ‘Music and Dance’ themed night on Ghana’s Most Beautiful.


Her remarkable performance and exquisite costume left a lasting impression on both the judges and the audience, earning her well-deserved recognition.

Nurah’s entrance was nothing short of mesmerizing as she graced the stage in a poised manner, holding a striking black horse tail.

Her outfit paid homage to the Dagomba people, capturing the essence of their traditional Takai dance.

She wore a large pantaloon paired with a belt adorned with cowries around her chest area, creating a look that embodied the spirit of her cultural heritage.

But it wasn’t just her attire that stole the show; Nurah’s performance was a breathtaking showcase of the Jera and Takai dances, accompanied by their traditional songs.

The audience were treated to a glimpse of the legendary music and dance of the Northern region, immersing them in the rich and vibrant culture of the area.

The competition was fierce, with all 13 representatives looking fabulous, according to Judge Janet Sunkwa-Mills.

However, three contestants, Kwartemaa from the Bono region, Nurah from the Northern region, and Naa Ayeley from the Greater Accra region, caught their eye and were eligible for the coveted ‘Best Costume’ award.

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In the end, it was Nurah who emerged victorious, with her costume being praised for its intricate details and cultural significance.

For her exceptional appearance and performance, Nurah received goodies from Top Choco and Sankofa Natural Spices, adding to her well-deserved recognition on the show.

As the competition intensifies, contestants are leaving the platform based on viewer votes. To support your favorite contestants and ensure they stay in the competition, viewers can dial *713*13# or download the TV3 Reality App from Google Play Store or Apple App Store.



By Esther Aryee|3Xtra.TV|Ghana

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