Meet Bibi and Sedinam, the latest additions to the #PerfectMatchXtra house


Exciting news for fans of #PerfectMatchXtra! The show has introduced two new housemates who are ready to shake things up in the quest for their perfect match.

Meet Bibi and Sedinam, the latest additions to the dynamic cast. First up is Martin Sedinam Sappor, an actor and poet who brings a creative flair to the house.

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At 31 years old, Martin Sedinam is looking for a confident woman who knows her way around and values teamwork.

As a fitness enthusiast, he dreams of owning a platform to motivate others to lead a healthy and active lifestyle.

With his passion for both art and fitness, Martin is sure to add an interesting dynamic to the mix.

Joining Sedinam is Bibi Nana Aba Nkrumah, a graduate of NAFTU and a burgeoning face in the TV and radio industry.

Bibi is known for her vibrant personality and has a knack for cooking delicious meals. Alongside her culinary skills, she enjoys listening to radio shows.

When it comes to her ideal partner, Bibi looks beyond physical appearances and seeks meaningful connections. She values authenticity and is not particularly drawn to individuals who are overly boastful or attention-seeking.

With the arrival of Bibi and Sedinam, the existing ships can anticipate fresh perspectives and possible new connections.

As the journey to find their perfect matches continues, viewers can look forward to exciting interactions and potential sparks flying within the house.

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Fans have also reacted with mixed emotions to the announcement in the Perfect Match Xtra house.

A fan commented, “With this girl [in reference to Bibi], the house will be on fire????more drama ooo????????????????????????”

Another pointed out that Bella might be in for a lady who can meet her square on.

“Bella has meet her meter ????????????,” she wrote.

And another user opined, “Bibi is the perfect match for all the housemates. Grace can sleep now. Bibi is a whole meal and will create more drama”

Stay tuned to witness how these new additions will impact the dynamics of Perfect Match Xtra and whether they will find their ideal partners amidst the challenges and surprises that lie ahead.

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