MentorXII: Byno bags ‘Star Performer’ award in consecutive weeks


In a mesmerizing showcase of talent on Mentor Season 12 quarter-finals, the top three contestants—Hy5, L Boat, and Byno—captivated the audience, but it was Byno who emerged as the undisputed star of the evening.

His unique rendition of Lucky Dube’s “Remember Me” left the judges and viewers in awe, earning him a well-deserved standing ovation from all three of them.

Byno’s dual mastery of the trumpet and vocals created a musical alchemy that brought Lucky Dube’s 1992 hit to life in an entirely new light. Not only did he secure the Star Performer title for the evening, but he also became a multiple award winner of this prestigious accolade.

The emotional depth of Byno’s performance resonated profoundly with the judges. Ben commended him for seizing the opportunity and delivering a great job. Richie praised Byno’s exceptional voice tone, pitch bend, and emotional expression, stating that the world needed to witness his immense talent. Kaywa, acknowledging Byno’s journey, offered heartfelt words about the absence of a father’s love and emphasised that Byno’s end was just the beginning of a purposeful path.

The overwhelming comments from the judges brought Byno to tears, creating a poignant and emotional moment on the Mentor stage. His vulnerability and authenticity endeared him to the audience, solidifying his status as a true artistic gem.

Byno’s victory was not only applauded by the judges but also commemorated by sponsors Vitamilk and Bel Ice.

This marks his second consecutive win, securing the same accolade last weekend. Additionally, he clinched the Star Performer Award during the early stages on November 6 at the ‘Night of Inspiration,’ showcasing his exceptional talent throughout the ongoing music contest.

As the competition inches closer to its climax, Byno’s tearful victory marks a defining moment in Mentor’s musical odyssey, promising more unforgettable performances in the weeks ahead.

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By Esther Aryee||

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