MentorXII: King George bows out


In a night themed, “African Music Night” which was dedicated to celebrating the diverse sounds of the African continent, there was an unexpected turn of events as King George bid farewell and brought his journey to being a star on the Mentor stage to a close.

Despite consistently finding himself in the bottom three, he had miraculously been saved by the judges for two consecutive weeks but this time, his luck ran out and his votes didn’t help either.

The judges expressed their thoughts on his performance of ‘Adult Music’ by Kwabena Kwabena featuring Samini which was produced by Kaywa.

Kaywa, who happened to be the first to speak, remarked, “Are you tired? Let me start from your outfit; it looks very good. I just think you can’t dance. I don’t know who chose the song for you but the dancing didn’t go well. You were trying and at a point, I felt like you were tired so it didn’t help your vocal performance. I know you have a very strong silky vocal but I didn’t feel that because you were just jumping around like a frog. It was a good try though.”

Richie added a touch of humour and sarcasm, stating, “Please tell me someone forced you to sing this song. There was no sex appeal whatsoever. The song doesn’t match you. You weren’t able to dance. You weren’t able to sing because you were trying to dance which you were failing at. The only thing I must say is that I was highly entertained because I laughed from the beginning to the end. Today, you have really shocked me.”

It is worth noting that Jake and Hy5 were in the bottom but they were given a second chance to prove themselves and equally fight for the bragging rights as the next Mentor winner. As a send-off, King George received a hamper from sponsors Bel Ice and Vitamilk.

The competition’s intensity continues to rise, with the reminder that the winner will walk away with GH¢15,000, a recording deal worth GH¢40,000, airtime worth GH¢50,000, and products from sponsors. With 10 contestants remaining in the race that started with 16, the music reality show is heading towards a thrilling climax. Kindly vote for your favorite contestants by dialing *71313# or download the TV3 Reality App on Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

By Esther Aryee||Ghana

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