A Journey of Love and Resilience: Bebelino and Grace Crowned Winners of Perfect Match Xtra


After an exhilarating and emotional 9-week journey, Bebelino and Grace emerged winners of the first-ever Perfect Match Xtra reality show.


The fashion designer and the makeup artist/brand influencer triumphed over fierce competition from their fellow finalists, Kodark and Bella, as well as Etornam and Lovelyn.

The grand finale was a star-studded event filled with electrifying performances and a room packed with enthusiastic fans.

Hosted by AJ Sarpong, the thrilling conclusion brought moments of joy and reflection as the winners were announced.

Dressed in military-style jackets and elegant dresses, the finalists sat eagerly in the sitting area of the reality house as they awaited the final announcement.

The studio audience were treated to captivating performances by talented musicians, including Maya Blu, Fameye, and Camidoh.

Bebelino and Grace secured not only the prestigious title but also a cash prize of GHS 15,000 each.

In a selfless act, they chose to share the additional GHS 20,000, rejecting the option to take the cash solely for one person.

β€œI thank you guys, I thank you for the support, I thank you for the votes even being on the ground is a beautiful moment for me, thank you for coming,” Bebelino told fans and co-host Komla Adom on Media General premises.

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Grace also assured their fans that their connection extends far beyond the show.

β€œI want to assure you guys that it’s no ending here, Gralino is forever,” Grace shared with a teeming group of fans.

Grace and Bebelino’s path to victory was not without its challenges as they faced a bitter blow when their initial partners, Dzato and Sandro decided to connect with other housemates.

Forced to pair with each other, they persevered through nine weeks of trials and tribulations, ultimately winning the hearts of Ghanaians.

Kodark and Bella, the first runners-up, also expressed overwhelming emotions over the show of love and loyalty from their fans throughout the nine weeks.

Following the momentous announcements, the two couples engaged with former housemates and fans, basking in the joy and camaraderie that defined their time on the show.

The atmosphere was filled with excitement and gratitude as they interacted with those who supported them throughout their journey before they were led away by tight security.





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