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A Recap of all the juicy gist in the #PerfectMatchXtraHouse since Sedi and Bibi entered the reality show


If you’re a fan of reality TV, then you must have been glued to your screens following the thrilling drama that unfolded in the #PerfectMatchXtraHouse recently.

From intense conversations to surprising confessions, the housemates have left viewers captivated and eager for more.

Let’s dive into a recap of the intriguing highlights from Sunday to Monday in the house since the arrival of new housemates, Sedi and Bibi

Sunday Dawn: 12:45 AM – 1:15 AM

Bibi and Sedinam kick-started a conversation about “hard and soft palms” and even delved into discussing “rough rides.” What began innocently took an unexpected turn as the conversation veered into a rather risqué territory. Some housemates shared their experiences of handling rough rides, sparking both curiosity and amusement among the others.

As the night progressed, Bibi and Sedi engaged in a lively exchange, discussing their families, siblings, and various other topics. However, not everyone was thrilled with their conversation. Social media users expressed their weariness, joking about what these two could possibly talk about in the days to come.

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Morning Vibes: 10:25 AM – 11:12 AM

Over breakfast, Sedinam showcased her singing talents, captivating her fellow housemates with her rendition of “African Queen.” She also revealed that cooking is her hobby, and preparing a meal for someone is a sign of affection. The housemates were intrigued as they explored the meaning of love and engaged in heartfelt discussions.

Later, Sedinam serenaded Bibi with a rendition of “Redemption Song,” adding a touch of musicality to their interactions. Meanwhile, other housemates, including Bebelino and Gyato, engaged in a lighthearted jama session in the kitchen, determined to maintain their fitness levels throughout the show.

Amidst the drama and fun, there were a few amusing moments. Bella caught Kodark peeking at Bibi’s assets in the kitchen and playfully put an end to his antics, drawing laughter from those around.

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Insights and Strategies Unveiled: Afternoon Conversations

Bebelino and Kodark engaged in discussions about the new housemates, expressing concerns that their arrival might disrupt existing relationships. They speculated about the impact these new additions might have on the dynamics within the house and emphasized the need for caution.

In another conversation, Bebelino expressed frustration with Sandra’s lack of culinary skills and her reliance on fast food. Despite being in a conducive environment to learn, Sandra appeared unwilling to broaden her cooking abilities, much to Bebelino’s dismay.

Embracing Education and Bonding: Grammar Lessons and Curiosity

Bebelino and Grace found themselves in a playful dispute, exchanging words and engaging in impromptu grammar lessons. Their banter brought a lighthearted and educational touch to the house, showcasing their witty personalities.

Meanwhile, Bibi and Sedinam took the opportunity to ask Bebelino about the house’s games, tasks, and other events, pretending to be unaware of the recent happenings. Their feigned surprise and exaggerated reactions provided some light-hearted moments for viewers.

Heart-to-Heart and Strategic Discussions: Evening Unveilings

Amidst the ongoing discussions, Gyato offered Sandra reassurance that everything would be fine, emphasizing the importance of their contributions to the house. However, Gyato and Sandra also voiced their concerns about the portrayal of Grace and Bebelino as heroes, suggesting that the duo’s strategy has successfully deceived the public.

Tensions rose when Gyato expressed his disapproval of Sandra’s response to a pool activity, stating that she should have been more diplomatic. Meanwhile, Sedinam and Bibi engaged.


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More gist

In a man-to-man conversation, Bebelino and Kodark discussed the cooking abilities of Sandra and other female contestants. Bebelino expressed his frustration, claiming that Sandra lacks cooking skills and has a preference for fast food. He noted his disappointment in Sandra’s reluctance to take advantage of the opportunity to learn and improve her culinary talents while in the house.

Meanwhile, Bebelino and Kodark engaged in a discussion about the new housemates, acknowledging their potential to disrupt existing relationships.

They humorously claimed that Sedi and Bibi had entered the house with the intention of “scattering people’s relationships,” hinting at the potential drama and conflicts that may arise.

Bibi, known for her outspoken nature, was seen ranting to Etornam about Bella and how some housemates fear her. She voiced her dissatisfaction, considering it unacceptable that people allow fear to influence their interactions with Bella. Bibi boldly declared that if others couldn’t handle Bella, she would take matters into her own hands.


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As tensions escalated, Lovelyn turned to Grace to express her feelings of dissatisfaction regarding Etornam’s reciprocation of love. She lamented that Etornam wasn’t giving her the same level of affection she was offering him, leading to a sense of emotional disconnect.

Stay tuned for more updates and watch as they navigate their way through love and companionship in the exciting world of #PerfectMatchXtra.

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