Ali and Ruth’s Relationship hangs in the balance as drama with Etornam unfolds after friday night’s party


The #PerfectMatchXtra house is buzzing with tension as Ali and Ruth’s relationship finds itself in a state of limbo following Friday night’s party.

With tonight’s eviction looming, both individuals are grappling with their emotions, particularly Ali, who is experiencing his fair share of turmoil.

It has become apparent to Ali that Ruth’s attention is drifting towards Etornam, creating a sense of unease and insecurity within him. The two were seated together on the couch when Ali arrived, only to find himself starting to express his concerns and frustrations.

The situation quickly escalated as Ruth appeared to corner Etornam, sparking intrigue among the other housemates.

Social media platforms have been inundated with comments from Ghanaians speculating about Ruth’s growing interest in Etornam, with some suggesting that she may have genuine feelings for him.

“I think this is the end of the road for Ali. Ruth has had enough,” a user wrote.


One particular moment that caught their attention was Ruth’s appearance in the pool, flaunting her blond hair and attire, leaving observers both intrigued and puzzled by her behaviour.

Ruth’s interaction with Etornam continued in the house, escalating the tension when Ali joined them in the hall. Ruth made it clear that she wanted to be alone, emphasizing that her interests were not aligned with Ali’s.

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As the night progressed, the situation further deteriorated, culminating in a heated argument. Given their prior discussions before the party, Ali’s frustration and aggression were on full display as he refused to back down, expressing his surprise at Ruth’s behavior.

The couple spent hours repeating the same arguments and grievances, with Ali venting his frustrations about Ruth’s supposed connection with Etornam. Rumours swirled that Ali had shared his concerns by alleging that Etornam had kissed Ruth.

The ongoing saga has left Ali tired of begging for Ruth’s affection, declaring that he will no longer plead for her attention. The constant arguing and uncertainty surrounding their relationship have taken a toll on both individuals, leaving them emotionally drained.

As the hours tick away before the eviction, the housemates ponder the future of Ali and Ruth’s relationship. Will they be able to find common ground and rebuild their connection, or will this latest drama irreparably damage their bond?

Tonight’s eviction will undoubtedly bring further revelations and potential turning points for the couple. As the viewers eagerly anticipate the outcome, they are reminded of the complex nature of relationships under the scrutiny of a reality show.


Only time will tell if Ali and Ruth can overcome these obstacles and find a way back to each other or if their relationship will crumble under the weight of the ongoing drama.

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