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Baeacation Approved: Grace and Bebelino Explore the City of Ho as Part of Their #PerfectMatchXtra Winners Package


Love and adventure took centre stage as #PerfectMatchXtra winners, Grace and Bebelino, embarked on a dreamy baecation to the beautiful city of Ho in the Volta Region


This power couple captured our hearts in the #PerfectMatchXtra house with their infectious chemistry, making us believe in the magic of love all over again.

Here are some of our favourite moments from the trip.

Shopping Time


The journey began at the vibrant Accra mall, where Grace and Bebelino prepared for their romantic weekend getaway. Together, they selected the perfect outfits and indulged in delicious pizza, setting the tone for an unforgettable experience.

Hotel Room Decor


As they arrived at the enchanting Volta Serene Hotel, the couple was welcomed with warmth and hospitality. The hotel treated them to a lavish stay, transforming their room with rose petals and towels, creating a truly romantic atmosphere.

Selfie Moments


Their baecation was full of memorable moments, and we couldn’t help but smile as they shared an elevator selfie, capturing the joy and love radiating between them. The sight of them in the hotel’s foyer reminded us of timeless romance, as Abena Kalypo and Alahaji, created a magical aura around them.

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Adventures in Ho


Grace and Bebelino’s adventures in Ho took them to breathtaking sites, including the awe-inspiring Adomi Bridge and the stunning Falls and Amedzofe Canopy walkway.


Their playful matching tops and white sneakers showcased their unity and compatibility as a couple, proving that they are truly #couplegoals.


However, what truly melted our hearts was witnessing Bebelino’s pure excitement on the Canopy Walk, contrasted with Grace’s adorable fear of heights.


The love for #Gralino is evident not just in their captivating journey, but in the hearts of all those who follow them.


As Grace and Bebelino explore the wonders of Ho, they have undoubtedly inspired us to add this magical city to our travel bucket list.


Their love story is a reminder that true love knows no bounds and that every moment spent together is a precious gift to cherish forever.

So, as we wait for more footage from this baecation, we raise our glasses to Grace and Bebelino, who have shown us that love is the ultimate adventure.

May their love story continue to inspire us all, reminding us that with love, anything is possible.

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