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Battle Royale: Ranking the most heated arguments on #PerfectMatchXtra this week


Perfect Match Xtra has been delivering its fair share of drama, and this week was no exception as housemates in the popular reality TV show served viewers a lot of tension and theatrics.

The housemates found themselves embroiled in intense arguments, sparking controversy and dividing viewers.

From clashes over chores to accusations of manipulation, here is a recap of the most heated arguments that unfolded on the show.

Grace clashed with Sandra over a chair

A disagreement over a simple chair escalated into a fiery argument between Grace and Sandra. According to Sandra, she owned the chair that Grace had occupied. Viewers were taken aback as the clash intensified, with accusations of hypocrisy and manipulation flying between the two contestants. The tension in the house reached its peak during this confrontation, leaving viewers both shocked and intrigued.

Bibi argued with Sedi for washing dishes assigned to Sandra

The kitchen became a battleground when Bibi confronted Sedi for taking over Sandra’s dishwashing duties. What started as a simple disagreement quickly turned into a heated exchange. Sedi felt Bibi spoke to him in a tone that was debilitating especially as he did the washing of the dishes voluntarily. The argument drew the attention of viewers who were divided on whether Bibi was justified in her frustration or if Sedi had crossed a line.

Bella clashed with Bibi after Sedi got wounded

Tempers flared between Bella and Bibi following an incident where Sedi sustained an injury. Bibi blamed the housemates for Sedi’s injury and attacked them. The situation escalated into a heated confrontation with Bella, with emotions running high. It is also worth noting that Bella feels insecure about Bibi’s presence in the house because according to her, Bibi and Kordark had a thing prior to the reality show.

Most housemates against Grace

Grace found herself at odds with the majority of the housemates, who united in their criticism of her. Accusations of manipulation, lying, and deceit were hurled at Grace, making her the center of controversy and conflict. The argument showcased the divide within the house and left viewers questioning Grace’s true intentions.

Kodark and Bella’s mild confrontation over Bibi

A minor confrontation between Kodark and Bella arose concerning Kodark’s interactions with Bibi during group activities. Although relatively less intense compared to other arguments, it added fuel to the ongoing tension and created a ripple effect within the house.

Bella claimed that Kodark and Bibi once dated before the show, over this rumour, there is a growing rivalry between Bella and Bibi, as such the former doesn’t like seeing her man entertaining the latter.

In an episode catching the attention of viewers, unhappy Kodark could be heard telling Bella that “you can not tell me why am I entertaining her, I don’t know what you want to me to do”.

Lovelyn’s outburst and moodiness

Lovelyn’s sudden outburst and moodiness caught the attention of viewers. She displayed signs of anger and irritability, suggesting that she felt targeted by gossip and faced harsh treatment from her fellow housemates. This incident raised concerns about the house’s overall atmosphere and the impact it had on Lovelyn’s well-being.

Etornam’s clash with Sandra over washing dishes

The clash between the Head of House (HoH), Etornam and Sandra ignited when Sandra expressed her reluctance to continue washing dishes in the house. Sandra also faced criticism from viewers who deemed her lazy based on her perceived reluctance to perform tasks. Some viewers questioned what her own living conditions might be like.

Bebelino and Grace’s affection amid chaos

Despite the ongoing chaos in the house, Bebelino and Grace found solace in each other’s company, displaying affectionate behaviour that included hugging and almost kissing. However, tensions arose at the Friday party when Bebelino became increasingly preoccupied with his hype man duties and danced with Bibi, leaving Grace feeling abandoned. Frustrated by Bebelino’s apparent lack of attention, Grace’s anger reached its peak, prompting her to abruptly leave the party. Sensing the gravity of the situation, Bebelino was seen earnestly pleading for forgiveness, hoping to salvage their relationship.


As the show progresses, viewers eagerly anticipate how these arguments will impact the dynamics within the house and influence the contestants’ journey to find their perfect match.

Perfect Match airs on  TV3 and audiences can also stay connected with the show through the TV3 reality app, available on Google Play and Apple App Stores as it continues to captivate audiences with its mix of romance, rivalry, and unexpected twists.

Stay tuned for more thrilling episodes as the housemates navigate the challenging path to finding their perfect match.

Watch #PMXtra on www.pmxtra.tv

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