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Bella and Bibi engage in heated exchange on #PerfectMatchXtra: Fans react


The latest episode of #PerfectMatchXtra has sent sparks all over the internet as arch-rivals Bella and Bibi engaged in a fiery confrontation, which has left viewers captivated and divided.

The argument erupted when Bella confronted Bibi about allegedly spreading rumours that Bella used her body to bully others.

The intense exchange quickly escalated, with both contestants trading insults and challenging each other’s character.

Bella accused Bibi of undermining her authority by discussing their initial meeting with others, to which Bibi responded by denying mentioning Bella’s name.

The heated exchange continued, with Bella asserting her right to assert herself and Bibi dismissing the argument.

The confrontation intensified as Bella taunted Bibi about body enhancements and Bibi retaliated by offering Bella skincare products.

The exchange became increasingly personal, with insults and challenges thrown back and forth.

Fans of the show were quick to weigh in on social media, expressing their opinions and taking sides in the Bella and Bibi clash.

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Some viewers felt that Bella instigated the argument, while others believed Bibi’s responses were too harsh.

A fan tweeted, “Bella started it but I think Bibi went too far.”

One fan expressed concern over Bibi’s comments about uneven skin color, finding them inappropriate.

Another posted, “This is not about meeting your meter, Bella says if she’s using her body to bully her she should also do body enhancement. But Bibi saying uneven skin colour is a no no. Bibi likes giving silly comments in the house”


Another fan criticized the decision to bring Bibi back into the house, believing that she was influenced by external factors.

“Bringing Bibi back into the house was a wrong move because she followed what was going on outside the house,” the tweet said.

More viewers shared their opinion while expressing support for Bibi, admiring her resilience and snappy comebacks.

Others also felt that Bella deserved the verbal exchange and commended Bibi for standing up for herself.

Bella and Bibi’s showdown has left viewers eagerly anticipating the next episode, wondering if the tensions between the two contestants would escalate further.


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