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Perfect Match Xtra

‘Bella meet her meeter’ – Fans react to clash between PM Xtra top rivals (VIDEO)


Bibi and Bella have finally engaged in their first open clash which viewers have been expecting to happen.

Ever since Bibi’s introduction into the show last weekend, her presence appears to be unwelcoming to Bella who suspects Bibi will be a trouble to her relationship with Kodark in the house.

Reacting to Bibi’s presence in the house, Bella said she already knows Kodark is Bibi’s ex. “Your ex is in the house” she said and Kodark replied “Who is my ex? I and Bibi never dated. Do you know who you call ex?”

In another instance highlighting their rivalry, Bella busted Kodark fixing his eyes lustfully on the chest of Bibi who was busy preparing a sumptuous meal.

She couldn’t take the moment, hence, she screamed and clapped her hands to distract her man from setting his focus on where his lust could lead him next. “Hey … aww Sandra, I am already dead,” she said in Ewe.

Amidst all these, Bibi has made it known that she is ready to battle Bella and not tolerate her unpleasant attitude from her.

The tensions reached a climax this morning when both housemates clashed at the dining table. Reacting to the confrontation, a social media user wrote “Bella meet her meter paa”.

Another said “Am happy seeing bella and Bibi fighting now bella can leave Grace alone” with a Grace fan adding that Bibi keep shouting at her ????????????who is she cos she did same to Grace

Check out the heated moment below which has stirred a debate among viewers of the show.


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