Bibi and Sedi bid farewell to #PerfectMatchXtra


 Bibi and Sedi would no longer be continuing their journey on #PerfectMatchXtra  after they were announced as the latest couple to leave the house on Saturday night’s eviction show


Hosted by Chrystal K Aryee, it was revealed that Grace and Bebelino had secured their spots in the house despite a tumultuous week and a lot of secrets revealed.

Bibi and Sedi’s time in the competition came to an end to the shock and dismay of fellow housemates.

From the onset, Bibi and Sedi’s relationship faced challenges as Bibi showed interest in Kordark during the initial weeks of their appearance.

However, they eventually decided to give their connection a chance, albeit a late one. Unfortunately, their delayed bond failed to resonate with the audience, leading to their eventual eviction.

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Sedi, known for his intelligence and ability to connect with fellow housemates, formed relationships with multiple contestants, including Grace. His departure from the show leaves a void in the dynamics of the house.

Bibi, on the other hand, brought drama and excitement to the #PerfectMatchXtra house. She carved her own place by unseating Bella’s dominant role as the chef and a leader within the reality show.

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Her cooking skills, creativity, and confrontational personality will be missed by both the contestants and the viewers.

Stay tuned for more thrilling episodes as the housemates navigate the challenging path to finding their perfect match.

Perfect Match airs on  TV3 and audiences can also stay connected with the show through the TV3 reality app, available on Google Play and Apple App Stores as it continues to captivate audiences with its mix of romance, rivalry, and unexpected twists.

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