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Bibi explains why she had a confrontation with Bella in the #PerfectMatchXtra house


Bibi, an ex-housemate has provided some insights into the confrontation she had with Bella in the #PerfectMatchXtra house.

According to Bibi, her actions were driven by her perception of Bella’s behaviour and communication style.

She expressed that Bella has a tendency to speak to others in a confrontational and aggressive manner, which can lead to a defensive response from those who interact with her.

“I will say Bella is this kind of person if you don’t have a heart and if you don’t know who she actually is anytime she talks to you, you’ll retaliate and you will also act as she acted to you,” she told Berla Mundi

Bibi shared that she had been trying hard to control her own emotions and not engage in a shouting match with anyone in the house.

However, when Bella approached her in a confrontational manner, Bibi felt the need to stand up for herself.

She believed that if Bella wanted to have a conversation, it should have been done privately and without the need for shouting and reprimanding.

“I was trying so hard to shout or talk to somebody at that particular tone so when she came and attacked me I was like ‘Sis, if you want to talk to me, let’s do this in private, you don’t come and be shouting and be warning me as if I’m your daughter, no I’m not your daughter,” she explained ” I’m older than you so you don’t talk to people like that. When she attacked I said I was not going to stand there for her to shout at me and that’s why I retaliated.”

Despite the confrontation, Bibi shared that she had wanted to apologize to Bella for her own actions.

However, Bella declined the apology, indicating that she was not willing to accept it.

“I wanted to apologise to her last night but she was like nah she wouldn’t agree,” she narrated.

During a recent episode on the show, tensions between Bella and Bibi reached a boiling point, leading to a fiery argument that captivated and divided viewers.

The clash began when Bella confronted Bibi about allegedly spreading rumours that Bella was using her body to bully others.

What started as a discussion quickly escalated into a heated exchange of insults and challenges to each other’s character.

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In the midst of the intense argument, Bibi took the opportunity to call out Bella for her perceived bleached skin and questioned why she always wore a wig.

However, during the Sunday live eviction, Bella shared a deeply personal revelation that shed new light on her appearance.

She disclosed that she carries a scar from a stabbing incident that had left her in a coma and blind for two weeks.

Stay tuned for the thrilling episodes ahead as the quest for a perfect match continues, bringing us closer to uncovering who will emerge as the ultimate winners of #PerfectMatchXtra.

Perfect Match airs on  TV3 and audiences can also stay connected with the show through the TV3 reality app, available on Google Play and Apple App Stores as it continues to captivate audiences with its mix of romance, rivalry, and unexpected twists.

Watch #PMXtra on www.pmxtra.tv

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