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Choose who chooses you – Bibi advises Bebelino over Sandra and Grace (VIDEO)


Bibi who is in the Perfect Match Xtra house to find love has turned into a relationship councillor for Bebelino.

According to Bebelino in a tête-à-tête conversation with Bibi, Sandra has been showing interest in him despite his current relationship with Grace in the reality show house.

Bebelino has told Bibi that Sandra who is also currently in a ship with Gyato has made moves towards him and acts moody or jealous when he is with Grace. “We even played a game over here and she wrote she misses me and stuff …I am being real here,” he said.

Gyato who is now matching up with fellow Perfect Match Xtra housemate, Sandra, had a cosy time together which saw them getting close to intimate.
Gyato and Sandra

Bebelino adds that even Gyato is aware and told him that “You know we are brothers and there’s no need for us to fight”. Bibi quickly chipped in “Those two people deserve each other” and Bebelino added that “Gyato no dey understand,” because Sandra keeps getting closer to him in the house.

Advising her gisting partner on how to handle the situation, she said “see in this life chose who chooses you, don’t look stupid in front of people because of someone is disrespecting you, doesn’t choose you in front of people. You have to choose who chooses you. So if you are in this house and she didn’t choose you, dude there are others,” Bibi.

Bibi is a new housemate who introduced into the love-search reality show over the weekend. However, she appears to be settiling in so fast and shaking the ships in the house.

She boldy declared her interest for Bella’s man in the house, Kodark, and added that she is ever ready to battle for his attention.

Watch the video below and tell us what you think of Bibi’s presence in the house so far.



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