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Don’t get me angry, she’s not my ex – Kodark warns Bella over new housemate


Big Mama has introduced new housemates into the Perfect Match house and the newbies are already shaking some ships in the house.

Over the weekend, Ali and Ruth were evicted from the reality show. The pair became the first matched couple to kiss the adult-rated show goodbye after their short stay of about 2 weeks in the house.

Ruth and Ali becomes first couple to evicted from the #PerfectMatchXtra House
Adding a new twist, two new housemates, Bibi and Sedinam have been introduced to the show. In reaction, Bella who is currently Kodark’s partner is expressing fear over what could happen between Bibi and Kodark.

According to Bella, she already knows Kodark is Bibi’ ex. “Your ex is in the house” she said and he replied “ who is my ex? I and Bibi never dated. Do you know who you call ex?”

Kodark & Bella are in the Perfect Match Xtra house
Kodark & Bella

During the private conversation in the bedroom, Bella responded “but you guys were dating” but Kodark warned her, saying that “don’t get me angry. The fact that maybe on the show we were talking or something, it was on the stage”.

Kodark proceeded to define what an ex means to him by explaining that “ex is someone you probably talk to, you guys dated …you get into somrthing, both of you have feelings for each other … that’s what we call ex”.

Bibi and Sedinam

At 31 years old, Martin Sedinam is looking for a confident woman who knows her way around and values teamwork. Bibi on the hand is Bibi is known for her vibrant personality and has a knack for cooking delicious meals.

Do you think this pair will shake the ships in the house? Drop your comments on what you think whilst glued to the show that streams on TV3 and 24/7 on other channels online.

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