Emotional moment on Day 44 as Kodark shares tears and Bella nurses him back to health on #PerfectMatchXtra


In a touching moment on Day 44 of their journey on #PerfectMatchXtra, Kodark and Bella shared an intimate connection following all the drama that took place on Sunday.

The scene unfolded as Kodark, visibly overwhelmed after a night at the hospital, found solace in Bella’s arms, leading to a heartwarming exchange that touched the hearts of viewers.


With tears streaming down his face, Kodark expressed his gratitude to Bella as he acknowledged her unwavering support during his challenging time.

Through his tears, he managed to convey his appreciation, saying, “Bella, I don’t tell you this, but I really appreciate you. I know I don’t tell you stuff, but I really appreciate you. Thank you for being there for me.”

Bella also reassured him and encouraged him not to dwell on negative thoughts.  She reminded him to focus on healing, urging him to smile and stay positive.

She advised, “Don’t think too much. You know your condition. Why are you crying ?? You are not supposed to do this. When you recover then you cry. Smile. Big Baby Kodark. I’ve been crying since you’re here now and you are crying. Heal first.”

As their conversation continued, Bella inquired if Kodark had been reading the comments displayed on the screen or listening to the audience’s reactions.

“Were you reading the comments on the screen??” she quizzed “or you were listening to the audience”

She empathetically acknowledged the hurtful comments and remarks that were sometimes directed their way.

“They come and say mean things,” she disclosed.

An emotionally downcast, Kodark expressed his pain at the lack of belief in his actions and intentions by viewers.

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“It’s really painful that nobody believes me,” he lamented.

Bella, ever the supportive girlfriend, reassured him that she believed in him wholeheartedly and urged him not to allow the negative commentary to affect him.

It is worth noting that the previous Sunday’s live show had been particularly tumultuous for Kodark.

After apologizing for his behaviour towards Grace and his refusal to apologize to Bibi for pushing her, he collapsed and was subsequently taken to the hospital for medical attention.


The news of his hospitalization had left the housemates and viewers concerned for his well-being.

However, on a positive note, Kodark’s return on Monday morning marked a resilient comeback.

Stay tuned for the thrilling episodes ahead as the quest for a perfect match continues, bringing us closer to uncovering who will emerge as the ultimate winners of #PerfectMatchXtra.

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