Former housemate, Ruth claims Lovelyn is playing Etornam in the #PerfectMatchXtra house


In the midst of budding romances and passionate connections within the #PerfectMatchXtra house, a cloud of doubt looms over the relationship between Lovelyn and Etornam as alleged by former housemate, Ruth.

Ruth who appeared on TV3’s New Day on Monday voiced her suspicions to AJ and Cookie TEE claiming that Lovelyn is playing Etornam and their connection may not be genuine.

During the conversation, Ruth expressed her concerns about Lovelyn and Etornam’s relationship, stating, “I can say Lovelyn and Etornam. From what I heard from Lovelyn is not real, I can’t say it, but it’s not real.”

Her partner Ali who was also evicted from the competition reaffirmed the allegation by sharing his thoughts on the matter.

“I feel like all the couples in the house are socializing to convince people that they are in a relationship but Lovelyn and Etornam are doing the same thing for viewers to know that something is happening to get the viewer’s votes, that’s how I feel,” Ali shared

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Shedding more light on her doubts, Ruth disclosed that she overheard Lovelyn discussing her alleged deception in a private conversation held in the washroom away from the Reality TV Cameras.


“From what I heard Lovelyn is deceiving Etornam. When she was telling someone in the house they were in the washroom so what I heard is not for public consumption but she is playing Etornam,” she intimated.

While Ruth refrained from divulging the specifics of what she heard, she asserted that Lovelyn is playing Etornam and questioned the sincerity of their bond which has added a layer of intrigue to the dynamics within the #PerfectMatchXtra house.

Her comments have left viewers and fans wondering about the true nature of Lovelyn and Etornam’s relationship as emotions run high online.

A user wrote, “Pls go home and stop speaking ill of others”, while another posted “Were you not also playing Ali even your camera saw it”

As the days progress and the drama unfolds, all eyes will be on Lovelyn and Etornam to see if their relationship stands the test of time or if Ruth’s suspicions hold any truth.

Stay tuned for more updates as the drama unfolds and the contestants navigate the complexities of love, friendship, and deception within the captivating world of #PerfectMatchXtra.

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