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Ghanaians react to Grace and Bebelino’s blossoming relationship at the #PerfectMatchXtra Friday Night Party


Ghanaians online are buzzing with excitement and admiration for the beautiful relationship between Grace and Bebelino, affectionately dubbed as #Gralino.

#Gralino gyrating to Ghanaian music at the Friday night pool party

The pair faced initial challenges in the first week when their original partners, Sandra and Dzato, expressed their intentions to date each other.

However, at last week’s reunion, Grace and Bebelino were finally paired together, and their journey as a couple began.

While it took them a few days to adjust to each other, their chemistry was on full display at the Friday Night Party, captivating the attention of Ghanaian fans.

The public display of affection between Grace and Bebelino did not go unnoticed, with fans expressing their support and excitement for the budding romance.

Grace and Bebelino at the pool party

Social media platforms were flooded with comments from fans, showering the couple with love and encouragement. Bilkiss Bae praised Bebelino, referring to him as the best, while Linda Otoo emphasized that their love is genuine. Theodora Asare expressed endless love for #Gralino, and Amaadepa Marvelous highlighted their shared bath as a remarkable moment.

However, the night took an unexpected turn when Grace became intoxicated and started vomiting. Concerned for her well-being, Bebelino took her back to the house to attend to her. Sandra’s presence in the room during this situation seemed to annoy fans, who questioned her intentions and speculated that she might be jealous.

Despite the mixed reactions towards Sandra, some users acknowledged her good heart amidst her perceived actions. Sika Pa thanked Sandra for allowing Grace and Bebelino to have their moment together.

As the conversation continued, fans expressed their admiration for Bebelino, praising his handsome and caring nature. However, there were also comments from users like Nanahemaa Animwaah Sarkodie, who suggested that Sandra was trying to find any opportunity to be around Bebelino.

Later, Bebelino himself got drunk in frustration over the situation but managed to have a great time overall. Fans are eagerly supporting the couple and are expected to rally behind them to keep them in the house during the eviction night.

As Grace and Bebelino’s relationship continues to evolve, fans are thrilled to witness their journey and see their bond grow stronger. The love and support from Ghanaians will undoubtedly play a significant role in shaping the couple’s future in the house.

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