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Perfect Match Xtra

Heartfelt moment as Ali and Ruth leave the #PerfectMatchXtra house on Day 16

Heartfelt moment as Ali and Ruth leave the #PerfectMatchXtra house on Day 16

Day 16 of #PerfectMatchXtra, marked an emotional milestone as Ali and Ruth bid farewell to the captivating reality show and Big Mama.

However, their departure was not without its share of poignant moments and hints of a possible future together.

During the eviction show, Ruth surprised everyone with her decision not to hug and say goodbye to the other contestants. She candidly expressed her reasoning, stating that the majority of the housemates had nominated them for eviction.

Ruth’s disappointment led her to withhold her farewell, leaving both the studio audience and online fans astonished by her action.

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As they packed their belongings, Ali displayed his continued affection for Ruth. In a tender moment, he said ,“I saw this bag on your bed and I picked it up for you” Ruth replied “Yeah it’s mine, I wanted to wear it, Ali please close my bag for me”

This exchange between them has hinted at a possible reunion beyond the confines of the PM Xtra house, igniting curiosity and speculation among their supporters.

As Ali and Ruth move on from the Perfect Match Xtra House, their departure leaves an emotional void that will undoubtedly be felt by their housemates and the viewers.

With the promise of a potential reunion and the lingering emotions between them, the audience eagerly awaits what the future holds for Ali and Ruth beyond the confines of the #PMXtra house.

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