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I am not used to pampering girls, I am only coping with Grace – Bebelino


Bebelino has poured out his heart about his relationship with Grace in the Perfect Match Xtra house.

Bebelino and Grace, nicknamed Gralino, appears to be the fan’s favourite couple in the house but according to him, the couple goals content they have been channelling out does not come easy.

During his Chat Room session with Big Mama, Bebelino revealed that he is not used to pampering and Grace comes off as a girl who loves to be pampered, hence, he has only been coping to be the kind of guy she wants.

“She’s kind of soft and likes to be pampered always and I am not used to that type of ladies so I am trying to cope and be a better guy for her,” he said.

However, Bebelino also admits that he wouldn’t want to lose Grace because “she is pretty, she is cute, she is smart so I don’t want to lose her”. Bebelino adds that he keeps going back to Grace because “probably I will go the wrong way” without her.

Gralino: PM Xtra couple melt hearts with loved up moments (VIDEO)

Big Mama asked Bebelino if Grace is giving him what he wants in a relationship and after a long pause and deep breath, he said “She is trying but I think she wants me to go her way so I think I have to do what I have to do because I am the male here, she is the female and she needs to be pampered”.

If you missed Bebelino’s Chat Room session with Big Mama, catch up with an excerpt from the show below that streams 2/47 online and intermittently on TV3.


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