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Perfect Match Xtra

I said Grace was fake because she made defamatory statements about me to court public sympathy – Dzato


Dzato, a former partner of Grace and ex-Perfect Match Xtra housemate, has addressed certain statements he made about her before exiting the reality show.


While he admitted to previously questioning Grace’s authenticity based on specific past actions, he clarified that he never told the other housemates that she was fake as they saw it for themselves.

“I said she was fake because of certain things she did in the past prior to is coming into the house,” he shared during the Reunion show on Saturday.

Regarding the fight between Grace and Kordark which occurred during the week, Dzato acknowledged that it was a personal encounter and suggested that Kordark might have been searching for an example to support his point.

“I think with Kordark, his issue with Grace was his personal encounter with her but he wanted an instance to substantiate his point,”he revealed.

Dzato also took the opportunity to express his concerns about Grace’s defamatory remarks about him during his time in the house.

“I never went to any housemate to tell them that she’s fake but she’s made certain defamatory remarks about me and I feel she did it intentionally to court sympathy,” he shared.

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Additionally, Dzato addressed specific instances where he claims Grace created false impressions and disputed her statement that Sandra harboured hatred towards her.

“She made the point that Sandra really hates her and Sandra doesn’t hate her. She created that impression and acted on it,” Dzato said.

Furthermore, Dzato clarified that he had shown a video to Ruth disputing an allegation  Grace made about him during his time on a TV show.

“Secondly, she said I went on an interview and I said a woman should contribute 70 per cent of her salary into the relationship but when I went home I actually showed the video to Ruth and I never said that,” he pointed out

Dzato claims that Grace misrepresented his actions, he stated  “She’s just kind of being intentional about certain things.”

The drama between Dzato and Grace doesn’t seem to end even after he chose Sandra as his partner over Grace.

It remains to be seen how the situation between Dzato and Grace will evolve and whether they can find common ground or resolve their differences.

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