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I will miss Big Mama’s voice – Etornam of #PerfectMatchXtra


Former Perfect Match Xtra housemate, Kofi Etornam, has revealed certain unique aspects of the house he’ll be missing as he steps out of the reality show.

Etornam who was a guest on TV3 New Day first and foremost acknowledged the significance of Big Mama’s voice, the morning exercises with Fitrip, the food, and the overall ambience within the house.

“I will miss Big Mama’s voice, you know this resounding alarm that wakes you up, the morning exercises with Fitrip, the food and also actually the ambience in the house,” he disclosed.

Furthermore, he discussed the impact of Big Mama’s voice and her constant guidance, which served as a compass for the housemates

“Sometimes you need to feel the voice and tonation in Big Mama’s voice concerning her feeling to know how you are living in the house if you are to turn right or turn left because there are times we go astray but Big Mama’s straighten us,” he added.

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When asked if he would return to the Perfect Match Xtra house if given the opportunity, Etornam responded affirmatively.

He expressed his desire to relive the experience, citing the valuable lessons and personal growth he gained during his time in the house.

“I will come back just to enjoy the experience again and learn. I learnt so much in the house,  I also learnt how to initiate conversations because initially, I could not speak publicly.  Bebelino helped me a lot, he helped me with the Co-Emcee thing when he was doing the hypeman stuff during the parties,” he revealed.

Etornam and Lovelyn were the first couple to be evicted during the grand finale on Sunday.


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