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Perfect Match Xtra

Love, Tenderness, and Surprises: 9 intimate moments in #PerfectMatchXtra house this week


The Perfect Match Xtra house has been a hotbed of intimate moments this week, as couples explore their connections and ignite sparks of passion.

From heartfelt gestures to steamy encounters, here are the most memorable instances that have kept viewers on the edge of their seats.

  1. Grace and Bebelino’s Love Vibes

Grace and Bebelino’s chemistry is palpable, radiating love vibes that have captivated the audience. Their affectionate moments display the depth of their connection and leave viewers swooning. Remember when Grace gave Bebelino grammar lessons? This ship is finally sailing


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  1. Grace’s Backrub and Tender Kiss

In a tender display of affection, Grace massages Bebelino’s back with lotion, followed by a soft and passionate kiss on his lips. This intimate moment showcases their strong bond and adds an element of romance to the house dynamics.

  1. Ali and Ruth’s Secret Encounter

Whispers of a passionate rendezvous between Ali and Ruth in the washroom have sent shockwaves through the house. The couple’s discreet actions hint at a steamy encounter, leaving other contestants intrigued and entertained.

  1. Etornam and Lovelyn’s Heart-to-Heart Conversation

Etornam opens up to Lovelyn, sharing the story of his past breakup and confessing his love for her. Their private moment allows them to deepen their connection and explore their feelings in a vulnerable and honest way.

  1. Playful Affection Between Etornam and Lovelyn

Etornam and Lovelyn engage in playful banter, showcasing their affection through lighthearted teasing. From cuddling while reading to playfully tending to a pimple, their interactions reveal the intimacy and comfort they share.

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  1. Lap Sitting Becomes a Trend

This week, the housemates seem to have embraced sitting on laps as a way to foster intimacy. Couples find solace and closeness in each other’s arms, with this unique display of connection becoming a recurring theme.

  1. Gyato and Sandra’s Sensual Time Together

Gyato and Sandra share a cozy and intimate moment, with Sandra treating Gyato to a soft lap dance while singing a seductive part of Ebony’s “Hustle” song. Their chemistry electrifies the atmosphere, showcasing a budding romance in the house. Not forgetting all their daily prayers together

8. Ali and Ruth


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Other couples have also shared tender moments. Ali surprises Ruth with a forceful kiss, demonstrating their passion, while Ruth playfully uses her legs to engage with Ali’s body.

9. Bella and Kodark

Bella acknowledges that Kodark may be shy and not fond of public displays of affection, but his caring nature shines through when he attends to her sprained leg, providing support and aiding in her recovery. The icing on the cake was the intimate moment she shared with her man last night.

These intimate moments in the Perfect Match Xtra house have enthralled viewers, adding depth and excitement to the show. The couples’ connections continue to evolve, leaving fans eagerly awaiting the next surprise or passionate encounter.


As the journey of love and self-discovery progresses, audiences can anticipate more heartfelt moments, unexpected twists, and captivating interactions within the Perfect Match Xtra house.

Make your voice heard and show your unwavering support for your preferred couple by casting your vote by simply dialling the short code *713*13# and following the prompts provided.

To ensure that viewers are kept up to date with the latest happenings in the reality house, TV3 provides various platforms for engagement.

The official TV3 reality app, available on the Google Play and Apple App stores, offers live updates, behind-the-scenes footage, and exclusive content for fans to enjoy. Additionally, a 24/7 pay-to-view link provides continuous access to the show’s highlights and exclusive moments.

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