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#PerfectMatchXtra: Bella, Kodark, Sandra, Dzato, Etornam and Lovelyn nominated for eviction this week


As the competition heats up on Perfect Match Xtra after Ali and Ruth’s exit on tonight’s eviction show, tensions seem to be rising as the rest of the couples face the possibility of eviction.

With each nomination, alliances are tested, and conflicts come to the forefront.

Let’s take a closer look at the couples who have been nominated for potential eviction and the reasons behind the choices.

1. Kodark has nominated Sandra & Dzato and Lovelyn & Etornam. His reasons for selecting Lovelyn and Etornam is definitely to placate Bella after the love triangle he found himself in with Lovelyn.

2. Meanwhile, Lovelyn reciprocates the nomination by selecting Sandra & Dzato and nominating Kodark and Bella, indicating potential strains within these pairings.

3. Dzato’s nominations include Kordark and Bella, as well as Lovelyn & Etornam. The reason for Dzato’s nomination is obvious, he wasn’t happy with Kordark’s advances towards Lovelyn.

4. Grace, during her chatroom session with Big Mama, nominates Etornam & Lovelyn and Sandra & Dzato, looking at her history with Sandra and Dzato, it comes as no surprise that she nominated them.

5. Etornam breaks away from the pattern by nominating Kodark & Bella, shedding light on potential conflicts within their relationship.

6. Bella, on the other hand, nominated Sandra & Dzato and Grace & Bebelino, suggesting personal reservations about their dynamics.

7. Bebelino’s chatroom session with Big Mama saw him nominating Sandra and Dzato because he was just not okay with them. He also nominated Bella and Kodark due to Bella’s untoward behaviour.

8. Sandra, in her chatroom session, nominated Etornam and  Lovelyn for no reason while she nominated Bella and Kodark because Kodark is lying to Bella.

Here are the couples nominated for possible eviction this week in Perfect Match Xtra.

Bella & Kodark

Kodark & Bella are in the Perfect Match Xtra house
Kodark & Bella are have been nominated for eviction this week

Dzato and Sandra

Gyato who is now matching up with fellow Perfect Match Xtra housemate, Sandra, had a cosy time together which saw them getting close to intimate.
Gyato and Sandra, the prayerful couple in Perfect Match Xtra, are up for eviction this week

Lovelyn and Etornam

Lovelyn & Etornam are again up for eviction this week from the Perfection Match Xtra house
Lovelyn & Etornam, again, are up for eviction from the Perfection Match Xtra house this week

The couples nominated for potential eviction face uncertain times ahead as their fate lies in the hands of the viewers.

Will the nominated couples find a way to resolve their differences and strengthen their bonds, or will their conflicts prove too difficult to overcome? Only time will tell.

Stay tuned to Perfect Match Xtra to witness the dramatic twists and turns as the couples navigate through the challenges of the competition, fighting to secure their place in the house and continue their quest for the perfect match.

Make your voice heard and show your unwavering support for your preferred couple by casting your vote by simply dialling the short code *713*13# and following the prompts provided.

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