#PerfectMatchXtra: Big Mama bans Dzato and Sandra from sleeping on same bed (VIDEO)

Gyato who is now matching up with fellow Perfect Match Xtra housemate, Sandra, had a cosy time together which saw them getting close to intimate.

Big Mama has pulled out her disciplinary rod to whip Dzato and Sandra into line for breaking the rules of the house.

The pair in the reality show has been issued with a ban following a microphone infringement. According to the rules of the show, all housemates are to keep their microphones on all the time whenever they are verbally communicating.

However, Dzato and Sandra went missing in action in the house with their microphones off. The act has attracted a strike for the couple. During Dzato’s Chat Room session today, Big Mama added the couple are banned from sleeping in the same bed for two nights.


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Asked if he can cope with the ban, Dzato said “I can manage that but she always needs me by her side to be able to sleep so let’s hope she can endure and sleep”. Being firm with her decision, Big Mama in a response said “I hope she can endure, there’s no talking out of this one. You can sweet talk Sandra but not Big Mama”

During the conversation, Dzato admitted that their act was wrong, hence, the disciplinary action from Big Mama is in order. “40 minutes sounds a lot … I admit that I am wrong”.

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