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Perfect Match Xtra

#PerfectMatchXtra: Gralino fans show incredible support to Grace and Bebelino with generous cash donations


Fans of the winners of the maiden edition of Perfect Match Xtra, Grace and Bebelino have made a remarkable contribution to their favourite housemates after the grand finale.


A total sum of GHS 10,000 was raised by fans outside Ghana, with GHS 5,000 each dedicated to Bebelino and Grace.

Ruth, a former Perfect Match housemate, joyfully shared the news, stating that the contribution was made by dedicated Gralino fans who wanted to show their unwavering support.

“This is cash of GHS 5,000 for Bebelino and GHS 5,000 for Grace. This is from Gralino fans outside Ghana and they did the contribution for them” Ruth said

The cash donation was presented on Friday, July 14, 2023, on behalf of the Gralino fans in the diaspora by Tiktoker Swit Boy and Ruth.

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The moment of surprise and gratitude was palpable as Bebelino and Grace expressed their heartfelt appreciation. Grace, clearly moved by the overwhelming support, exclaimed, “I can’t breathe, wow! I am just flabbergasted. Isn’t God wonderful? All I can say is God bless you so much.”

Bebelino, equally surprised and grateful, expressed his gratitude, saying, “Yo, I am so surprised. Thank you for the love and the votes. We are out here now, and you guys are still doing the best for us. Thank you for your support. We’ll never let you down. We’ll put in the work. Thank you and may God bless you so you make more.”

The significant cash contribution from Gralino fans outside Ghana has shocked social media fans who couldn’t believe how popular the duo have become and the unwavering dedication of their fan base.

Their stay in the #PerfectMatchXtra house has captured the hearts of many, and the support from fans both in Ghana and abroad has been nothing short of extraordinary.

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