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#PerfectMatchXtra Grand Finale : Etornam and Lovelyn are first evicted couple of the night


The #PerfectMatchXtra reality show has bid farewell to its first evicted couple of the night, Etornam and Lovelyn at the grand finale.


Their journey to claim the title of Ghana’s perfect match and the coveted 50 thousand cedis cash prize has come regrettably to an end.

As #KoBella and #Gralino compete for the ultimate spot in the ongoing grand finale on TV3 premises, let’s reflect on the memorable moments created by Etornam and Lovelyn during their time in the house.

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Etornam and Lovelyn undoubtedly brought a wave of vibes, excitement, and drama to the #PerfectMatchXtra house.

Their presence was felt by all and their fans touted them as the most mature couple in the house, unfortunately, this could not earn them the coveted price.

Lovelyn’s Controversial Moments

Lovelyn’s stay in the house was not without its share of controversy.

She received a strike for her incendiary comments against show producers and Big Mama following her dramatic altercation with Grace last month when she was caught on tape gossiping about Grace.

Despite this setback, Lovelyn will be remembered for her vocal personality and her role as the supportive friend who always hyped other people’s relationships.

Not forgetting her fights with Sandra and Bibi.


Etornam’s Fashion Sense and Leadership

As the talented fashion designer he is, Etornam showcased his impeccable sense of style throughout his time in the house.

He was often hailed as one of the best-dressed housemates along with Bebelino which has left a last impression on the minds of viewers.

Additionally, Etornam proved himself as one of the best Heads of House in the history of the reality show.

His handling of Brownie’s sick episode demonstrated his leadership qualities and compassion towards his fellow housemates.

Relationship Drama

The couple, affectionately nicknamed #Etorlyn, had their fair share of relationship drama during their stay in the house.

They faced challenges when Kordark showed interest in Lovelyn, causing tension within the group.

Etornam even contemplated a connection with Bibi at one point. Furthermore, Lovelyn admitted on the show that she used Oheneba to make Etornam jealous. Their complex dynamics added a layer of intrigue to their journey.

Future Prospects

While Etornam and Lovelyn may have bid farewell to the #PerfectMatchXtra house, they told AJ that they plan to pursue their relationship outside the reality show and fans eagerly await to see if they will keep to their promise.

Their bond and the memories they created will be missed by their fellow housemates and viewers alike.


Stay tuned to find out which couple will be crowned  Ghana’s #PerfectMatch.



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