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Perfect Match Xtra

#PerfectMatchXtra: I can battle Bella for Kodark, she is pushing me – Bibi reveals (VIDEO)


In less than 48 hours of her stay in the Perfect Match house, Bibi is ready to face any battle that crosses her way.

According to the new housemate who was introduced into the reality show yesterday, she has found interest in Kodark and would be willing to explore her chances. Bibi revealed this in the chat room during her conversation with Big Mama.

Bibi entered the show with Sedinam as a couple but did not hesitate to make her Kodark interest known in Sedinam’s presence. She explains that she is now getting to know Sedinam, hence, she can’t be certain yet if anything will grow between them although she likes him.


Talking about Bella who is currently paired with Kodark, she said she can battle her for Kodark’s attention or love. “Do you think you can fight this battle with Bella,” Big Mama asked Bibi said “Yes”.

“I am not going to fight over Kodak. I respect energy a lot and I like Sedi’s energy. But because of how Bella is acting and behaving, she is just pushing me to do certain things to piss her off. I am not saying this to make Sedi feel bad but it’s a game and anything can happen,” Bibi said.

Kodark & Bella are in the Perfect Match Xtra house
Kodark & Bella

“I am not saying that at the end of the day, I am going to be Kodark or Sedi,” she added.
So far there has been silent tension between Bibi and Bella over Kodark.

Earlier today, Bella confronted Kodark about having any interest in Bibi but he shot down the suspicion. However, Bella also busted him fixing his eyes on Bibi’s chest, to which he she screamed and clapped hard at him.

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